Express Gold Cash Review

Express Gold Cash ReviewExpress Gold Cash is a way to send in your gold to have it appraised, and if you like the offer get your money in 24 hours.

The first thing to consider is whether it’s worth selling your gold or taking out a payday loan. Payday loans are expensive forms of quick cash that often need to be borrowed again and again. Selling gold is one-time deal, but as they say, you can’t sell your gold and have it too, so once it’s gone it’s gone, and once you spend through the money you get for it you’ll have no gold and potentially nothing to show for it.

Having a plan in place is essential so that you don’t make the wrong move and sell your gold under financial duress when other options are available. It’s always a matter of going with the move that makes the most financial sense. So if it’s a bigger financial problem you’re dealing with and you’d have to take out multiple loans to handle it, you should sell your gold. But smaller problems that are just a few hundred dollars and will take care of themselves in the short term, you should go with another option rather than sell off an asset. You could also see what your gold is worth and see if it’s better to invest the cash.

Express Gold Cash Review

Express Gold Cash says that the first step is printing off a FedEx label for your shipment, then they receive it and appraise it and make their offer. If you accept they say they get you your money within 24 hours, so it’s all a very neat and tidy process. The package you send in is insured up to $5000 so you have no worries sending it in since if the package gets lost you’ll be covered. This is 5x higher than some other services that only insure their packages up to $1000, so if you have a piece of gold that you know is worth more than $1000 this may be the place to go with.

Why Not Stay Local?
With so many places that are willing to buy your gold locally, what is the draw to using a service like this that allows you to send it in from anywhere in the country. Well the first answer is that you might live in rural part that doesn’t have a good gold appraiser and you can’t get a reasonable offer. The second is that it’s pretty convenient to mail in your gold and have it looked at, so this can be a way to make it so you don’t have to drive around and get your gold appraised.

Making Right Decisions in Desperate Times
You don’t want to regret selling your gold later after your financial struggles have passed, so it’s important to keep a clear head even when things around you aren’t going well financially. Try to think of how you’ll feel a few months down the road when everything is back to normal, but you’re without the gold you once had. You might rue the day you decided to sell it, especially if you look back and realize that what felt like an emergency really was just a lot of drama.

If you just need a few hundred dollars it might be better to take out a payday loan rather than sell off your gold that’s worth much more than that. Once you sell it to a big operation like this you’ll never see it again.

Our Recommendation
Express Gold Cash has a pretty reliable system set up, and for the person trying to sell their gold they make it as easy as sending in a FedEx package. By using FedEx you will be able to track your gold the whole way and you will know once it’s been received. The company is all about satisfaction, and about giving you the best price for you gold, and they even provide comparison charts so that you know exactly what you’re getting compared to other services. We recommend going with them since you don’t have to take the offer they make but can get an idea what your gold is worth.

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