EZ Money Payday Loan Reviews

EZ Money Payday Loan ReviewsEZ Money is not only a payday lender, but also has installment loans and title loans. They operate over 400 real world locations across 8 states. Finding reviews on how people rate their experience with them is important, but there are also other clues to how they do business.

We all want easy money, but like they say easy come easy go, so it’s important to realize that even after you make it through this financial setback you’ve got to take precautions or you might find yourself in the same sort of predicament in the not so distant future. By being able to choose your type of loan you are already having more control of the situation than if you go to a lender than only has one type of loan.

EZ Money Payday Loan Reviews

It’s easy enough to find negative reviews for any payday lender out there, especially from former employees. This is because lending money to those in financial straights is not the most glamorous or uplifting thing in the world. Usually people are down on their luck and grumpy and get upset easily because they are stressed about money. This makes it hard to find glowing reviews, because if you’re happy with the experience you usually won’t go shouting it from the mountaintops.

Some people will say things like they are reducing the number of locations, or that they make their employees work long shifts with no breaks. As an ex-employees from a major payday loan lender, we can say that there are times when it’s really busy, but state law requires you to have a break so they have to give you one, even if it means your coworkers are going to be even busier. But every company has at least one former employee that won’t hesitate to say it’s no fun to work there. If it was so bad they could just leave, so it’s silly to complain.

Lots of Options
Rather than just being a one trick pony and only offering payday loans, you can get installment loans, and title loans as well if you qualify. This means that you should let them know what sort of problem you’re having so that they can help guide you to the right instrument for your specific needs. For example, if you just need a few hundred dollars to put into your checking account so a few charges don’t bounce, a payday loan is best.

But if you have a bigger problem and need more cash, so much so that you wouldn’t be able to pay it all back on your next payday, they’ll probably have you go with an installment loan or a title loan. This will allow you to get the money now when you need it, and pay it off in more reasonable chunks than you’re able to do with a payday loan. Of course there will be different qualification levels for each type of service, but overall you know that you’re getting a better deal than a one size fits all payday loan provider.

The Fees
They’ve got all of their fees listed for each state that they do business in, and since they have offline locations they will be adhering to the payday loan laws in each state. That means that you can be sure that you’re getting the same rates from them as you would from every other legitimate payday lender in the state.

400 Locations
There is a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing that a company has hundreds of locations across the country. That provides some proof that they know what they’re doing, and that people are happy enough with the service and rates that they get to allow them to expand. It’s the online-only companies that have a tougher time proving that their service is legit, because it doesn’t take much to put up a website and start collecting bank account information. They also offer a prepaid debit card, in an attempt to help you out if your bank account is a mess.

Overall you’re likely to have a good experience with EZ Money payday lenders. They’ve got a lot of good things going for them, and it’s probably that they will be able to help you.

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