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Fast Loan ReviewAt Fast Loan you would expect to be able to find a loan fast, and that’s exactly what they promise. They say that all types of credit are welcome to apply, and that the application process has been reduced to just two easy steps.

Most of the time we see the application process takes 3 steps, which includes applying, waiting for a response, and then getting your money. They are not very clear about what the 2 steps are, but they say that they can get you your cash fast with an instant decision.

In our experience an instant decision is not feasible because someone needs to approve your application, and that’s going to take some time. Usually when they give you an instant decision it is a preliminary decision and it still requires the approval of a loan officer before anything is finalized.

In fact, even though they say it is 2 steps, they show that you apply online right now, get an instant decision (in minutes), and then get your cash, which is 3 steps. To be clear, they didn’t say that the entire loan process will take two steps, but rather the application is a two step process. But we found out that the application is not even handled at Fast Loan, but actually goes through a third party website known as

Fast Loan Review – Just

Fast Loan says that you can get a small loan from them which can help you get a caught up on past due bills, or help you handle any emergency expenses. But really they send you to a site that offers larger loan amounts, the kind you would usually get from a bank but that you might have trouble getting unless you have perfect credit and a history of on time payments.

Any Value Added
It is a competitive industry and it is hard to find fault with a company for trying to bring new borrowers to their website, but there is the right way to go about things the wrong way to go about things. It seems like they are pretty much wasting your time here by setting up a website that isn’t actually a lender, but rather just one more step in the process of applying. Perhaps if they offered more in the way of helpful information regarding the kind of loan you’d be getting, but there isn’t really any reason to do that outside of their own website. This should all take place at so it is all transparent. Offerings
Fast Loan doesn’t really bring much to the table in terms of the information they provide you before you apply for a loan. If you tried to fill out their form to start the application process you are taken to a different website all together, which is is not your average payday loan processor, and instead they focus on personal loans in large amounts. They say you can use these loans for debt consolidation, home improvements, emergency situations that involve cash, and other major purchases that you don’t have savings for.

Just a Traffic Tool
We’re not quite sure why they have Fast Loan setup, except that it could be used as a marketing tool for to try to rank for the “fast loan” keyword in search engines. Other than that it isn’t bringing anything of value to the consumer, and is just an unnecessary step of the application process. You might have noticed that there isn’t much behind this website, which is why you were wondering if it was worth doing business with or not. If you feel that is a company that you would trust to handle your financial information, and would approve you for a loan, you can feel free to apply with them.

Our Recommendation
Fast Loan is just a redirect that sends you to, which says that you can qualify for a personal loan up to $35,000. This is not really worth your time if you just need a small loan to cover basic needs, and if you didn’t end up at originally you probably don’t need that much for this financial crisis. You should only apply at if you are looking for large amounts of money, and not the kind that are typically offered as payday loans.

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