Fast Payday Loans

fast payday loansIf you need money now, fast payday loans are one way to get it. Money problems have a way of bringing a strong sense of urgency with them. Luckily the payday advance industry is geared towards this kind of thing, and most places you visit, or do business with online, will do everything in their power to get you the money just as fast as humanly possible.

So how fast is fast enough. Some places promise you a decision in 60 seconds or less, and can get the money into your account the same day you apply. That’s pretty fast. Most every brick-and-mortar payday lender will put the cash into your hand so you can walk out with it minutes after filling out your application. Also, very fast.

Guide to Fast Payday Loans

You may not know it, but you play a big part in how fast you can get the money. By playing the game and playing it according to the rules set in place, you greatly increase your chance of getting the money you need as quick as you can say “gimme!”. Whether you’re visiting in person or handling your business online, it is in your best interest to jump through the necessary hoops and get the money you need right away.

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The biggest slowdown in getting a payday advance is the consumer. If you visit a payday lender in the real world, from start to finish it might take about 20 minutes as long as there’s no one being helped before you, and as long as you have all of the required items, such as proof of income, proof of a bank account, checkbook, ID, and Social Security card. Call ahead to see what exactly is needed and show up ready to do business.

Getting Angry
It’s important that you keep yourself in check during the process. Emotions can run high during times of financial unrest, and it’s human nature to want to take it out on someone else. The payday loan companies out there can function as really good scapegoats if you’re not careful.

It’s good to remember that they really do want you to have the money. They only make money by loaning it out, and they want you to have it. It may seem like they are keeping the money under lock and key and that they are playing a game with you to see how long you’ll wait for the money, or how many hoops you’ll jump through, but this is not the case.

So be sure to keep your calm during the process, and let the people on the other end do their job. If they ask for information or documentation, they are asking because they need it to complete the transaction. Give them what they need, go with the flow, and before you know it you’ll be a master at fast payday loans.

Possible Hang Ups
There are only a few things that will slow the payday loan process down. First and foremost, if you’re not prepared, you’re going to have a bit of hassle, and you might end up running around town like you’re trying to complete a scavenger hunt. So many people get frustrated if they forget something and have to return home for it.

The next biggest hang up is if there are any discrepancies in what you’ve stated on your application, and what’s showing on your documentation. Your app must jive with what’s shown you your pay stub or you’ll get some questions being asked. Perhaps you might have tried to pad your income on your application in order to be qualified for a higher amount, but your pay stub will show your actual pay.

The other thing that might slow down the process is that you’ve already gotten into trouble with payday loans before, either with this lender, or another lender. In this instance their computer system might reject your application, or the manager might make a personal decision not to loan to you. This is often due to repeat offenses of you not paying your loan off on time. Each company reserves the right to refuse any lender based on previous loan history.

One other snag is that many states employ a statewide data base that tracks how many payday loans you have out at any one time. This is to limit you from visiting multiple lenders and racking up more immediate debt than you can pay back. But it’s also in place to prevent people from visiting dozens of payday lenders in one day and then leaving the state with a ton of cash they don’t intend to repay.

Any Slow Payday Loans Out There?
Payday loans by their very nature are fast. In most instances, if you have all of your documentation ready you’ll be able to walk out of a lender’s office with cash in hand. If you choose the online route you’ll usually have the money in your account the next day, in some instances the same day. It can’t get much faster than that.

If a payday lender becomes notorious for their slow, drawn out process they will quickly go out of business because people don’t want it to take a long time. They’re already upset that they’re being forced into taking out a payday loan, and so they want it to be as quick and painless as possible.

The reason that there are fast payday loans is because the lenders know of the urgency you feel, and they know that you want the money like yesterday. So they will do their best to accommodate this, and if you are experiencing a delay in the process you should take a step back and realize that it’s probably you that is slowing the process down.

How to Get Fast Payday Loans

The fastest way to get a payday loan is from the comfort of home, sitting at your computer. The one thing to be cautious of is a lender that promises the money a little too fast. You can expect the process to take a bit of time, and if they are willing to give you instant money without any sort of verification process, you better believe they will require authorization to electronically debit your checking account.

So once you’re OK with the idea of giving a company access to your checking account, you’re on your way to quick cash. These companies specialize in quick approvals, and as long as you’ve crossed all of your t’s and dotted all of your i’s it should be just a matter of hours before you can confirm that the funds are in your account.

Our Recommendation
We recommend visiting a payday lender in person, or at least going with a lender that has some sort of physical presence. Even a toll free phone number that you can call to get the process started or to ask any questions you might have. This shows that they’ve at least invested in some employees and you’re not just dealing with a fly-by-night operation that might not be around in the future if you need their services again.

One benefit to going in person is that you can get the cash on the spot, instead of letting the funds go into you account. If your account is overdrawn you probably don’t want the money to go right into your bank account, especially if you have other things you need to pay besides the bank’s NSF fees. With cash you get to have more control of who gets paid and when.

So depending on where you need the money to go, either in your hand, or in your account, you should either go in person or handle things online. No matter which option you choose, finding fast payday loans is a breeze once you know how the process works.

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