Federated Financial Review

Federated Financial ReviewFederated Financial says they’ve been around since 1998 serving borrowers. In our modern day this is really an accomplishment and a testament to the kind of service they provide. There aren’t too many lenders that can boast this kind of history and track record. When you consider that they have to be doing something right in order to stay in business so long, this really means a lot.

They boast an A+ rating with the BBB. There has been much written about the BBB and how they’re a total scam and that they’ll give high ratings to anyone that will pay for them, and low ratings to anyone that refuses to pay. So it’s unclear whether this high rating from the BBB means anything, but maybe it’s better to have a stellar rating than no rating at all. At least it shows that they care enough to pay for the BBB fee.

They speak Spanish and have a toll free number to call, which means they are going above and beyond when it comes to customer service, and trying to reach consumers that are otherwise neglected by other lenders. All of this adds up to them being a very conscientious service that is trying to do everything right and provide the type of loans that you need to get you back above water and into the black.

Federated Financial Review – The Basics

Federated Financial says that they can help you get out of debt, whether that debt is from credit cards, or payday loans, or student loans. Basically they can help with any debt that is unsecured, meaning that it doesn’t have anything backing it up like a home or a car loan. This is the type of debt that will really cause problems for you, especially student loans because they don’t go away and you can’t even get rid of them by filing for bankruptcy. So you might as well use a service like this to see if they can lower your payments and get people off your back.

Lowering Your Payments
How can a service like this lower your payments? There are a number of ways, and the magic happens because often these loans were given with higher rates that made it hard for you to pay them back. They can pay off the debt and then spread it out over a long period of time so that you are making smaller payments to them and don’t have to worry that your loans are past due because they’re all paid off.

What’s the Catch?
Federated Financial seems to offer a very helpful service, so what’s the catch? The catch is that they are still making money from offering you a loan to consolidate the debt. They are profiting from offering you a better rate than the payday lenders and credit card companies, but because these companies charge so much, they can charge less and still make a tidy profit. It’s an example of a win win situation that everyone benefits from.

Even the credit card companies and payday lenders benefit because maybe they wouldn’t have gotten paid back if you didn’t use a service like this. Rather than have to hound you about your past due loans and use up resources, or sell your debt to a collection agency for pennies on the dollar, they are getting their money back and can close the file on you.

Our Recommendation
Using a service like Federated Financial when you are up to your ears in unsecured debt is a good idea. The payday loan or credit card trap can happen to anyone, so it’s a good idea to get out of it as soon as you realize you’re in it. This is because it is meant to go on forever, that’s how the credit card companies and payday lenders make their money. They know that you will just keep making smaller payments every month forever, or that you will have to take out the loan again and again and it will always be the case that you’ll need the money. Flip the script and get out of that trap so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel again.

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