Flash Payday Loan Reviews

Flash Payday Loan ReviewsFlash Payday Loan says they can match you up with a lender that will give you $100 to $1500. They make it quite clear that they themselves are not direct lenders, so you won’t be borrowing money from them directly, and you won’t be paying it back to them either.

You might be wondering if they’re legit or not, because they ask for your banking information during the application process. Their website is secure, and you don’t have to worry about them sharing this information with every single lender they send your application to. They only share that bit with the lender that you end up going with.

They stress that you aren’t under any obligation to accept the loan once they find it for you. In fact you actually have to approve and initiate the process after they find you one. So just because you’ve entered your banking information, you aren’t authorizing them to use it until you digitally sign and accept the loan agreement.

The reason they collect your account information during the application process is to verify that you do indeed have an account from which you can make a payment from when your loan comes due. It’s a way of validating that you are legitimate lead, and it is the way that Flash Payday Loan can collect their referral fee from the lender.

Tip: Check Flash Payday Loan Reviews Before Applying

A lot of people have tried Flash Payday Loan service at this point. It’s important to look at what people in general are saying about the company. You don’t want to base your decision of of one or two reviews, you have to look at the overall data and see if they are generally satisfying customers, or if most people walk away disgruntled after using them. Unfortunately, there’s not really a lot of data available regarding user feedback.

Know the Difference: Lender vs. Broker
Flash Payday is not a lender per se, they just match you up with a lender that is in their network. They basically act as a middle man, taking your information and selling it off to those that can offer you a loan. Lenders like this set up because they don’t have to spend time trying to find their own leads. Consumers tend to like the way this works too, because you don’t have to fill out dozens of applications to apply to dozens of lenders.

In theory, it should work for everyone involved, because the lenders end up with more business, and you the consumer should save time and get matched up with a better lender than you would if you tried to find one on your own dealing directly with each lender separately.

Your Own Feelings
It’s really up to you how you feel about these payday loan-type places. Do you think they are providing a service, or are just getting in the way. They don’t increase your fees and costs, because these are born by the lender. The lender doesn’t pass this fee on to you in the form of higher interest rates or additional loan fees.

At first we thought these sort of companies were unnecessary, and just making matters more complicated by stepping between you and the lender, but we’ve since changed our tune. It would be chaotic if every single lender had their own sales page and you had to try to sift through all of that mess in the search engines and decide which one was right for your needs. With these types of services, you can just fill out one simple application and in a short time you will have found a lender that is willing to give you money.

Our Recommendation
Flash Payday Loan get our approval, because they provide a secure site in which to fill out your application, and form the sounds of things they don’t do anything nefarious with the data you submit. There are some companies out there that will sell off your information to many companies, and you’ll be inundated with spam and all sorts offers you didn’t sign on for. From what we can determine this isn’t the case with Flash Payday Loan.

Payday loans in general are a bad idea, but if you’ve decided you need one you can find one fast with their service.

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