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Flex Advance ReviewsFlex Advance is a payday loan matching service that gathers your information and pairs it with their network of lenders, finding you the best terms with just one application. At least that’s the theory. There are good matching services out there, and there are lousy ones as well, and the problem is they all look the same on the surface. Luckily we’ve gotten really good at sorting it all out and that’s what we’ve done here for you.

The first thing you want to look for is whether or not the company is paying attention to seemingly minor details, but ones that have a big impact on your lending experience. When you go to the Flex Advance website, see how they’ve taken the time to make sure that you’re already on an encrypted page, right from the start. This means that even your simple information like your name, email, and zip code get transferred securely. You won’t find that at 90% of other matching services.

Our Flex Advance Review

Aside from their entire site being encrypted, you’ll next notice that they spell out all of the important information that you’ll need to know, without misrepresenting what they do. Some matching services will try to make it seem like they’re a direct lender. But Flex Advance makes it a point to let you know that they’re going to find a “Participating Lender” for you, and that you won’t actually be receiving any cash from them.

How They Make Money
Matching services like this one can make their money in any number of ways, and the business model is somewhat hard to determine. Either they are charging a fee to the participating lenders for inclusion in their network, or they are holding a sort of auction for your lead and letting the lenders bid on it. Either way, you won’t be paying anything extra to use their service, because the lender absorbs that cost as an operational expense. That’s why it’s good to realize that your information has value, as these lenders all want your money.

Not a Third Party
You may be thinking that Flex Advance will be there for you in case of a dispute between you and the lender. But this is not really the case, as they simply want to match you, collect their fee, and move on to the next application. They pretty much say this in their terms and conditions, and they state that they are not the ones that are lending you the money, and they have no say on the final terms and conditions of your loan.

Since they’re not a lender, they can’t really answer a lot of the questions you might have about what sort of experience you’ll have once you get a loan. The thing about it is that you’ll have to look over the loan offer once you receive it, but you’re not under any obligation to take out the loan just because you applied for one and you found a lender that is willing to lend to you. You’ll have time to think things over, do your due diligence, and ask them any questions you might have like what if you’re not able to repay on time.

Our Recommendation
Matching services are nice if you are sick of filling out application after application and getting nowhere with direct lenders. This way you can fill out one application, regardless of where you live, and they will seek out and find lenders that can lend in your state, and are willing to lend to you based on the information you provide. That’s why to avoid any delays you should be honest with all of you application information so that you can get paired with a lender than can help you. They each have different requirements, so it’s not hard to find one that can help.

The other option is to use a different matching service, or to find a direct lender that is willing to lend to you. You can also go to a local payday lender that as an offline shop, but most people that go with an online loan have already exhausted those possibilities.

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