Florida Payday Loans

You can get a Florida payday loans up to $500. If you are dealing with a reputable Florida payday loans company they should only be offering you an advance up to that amount. If they are offering to loan you more than that you should be leery of them. They will give you from 7 to 31 days to pay the loan back, depending on how often you are paid and when your next payday is.

They can only charge up to 10% as a finance rate, and they can also charge a verification fee. They have a mandated finance charge of $15 on a $100 loan and you should get it for around 14 days. This amount of time can differ depending on which day you take out the loan and how many days are left until your next payday. In the 14 day, $15 charge on $100 that would represent an APR of 390%.

Florida Payday Loans: Laws & Regulations

You can only have one loan outstanding at any one time. You are not allowed to rollover your loan. Rolling over Florida payday loans means that you just pay the fee again, but you don’t have to pay the principal balance back. There is a period of 24 hours in which you can “cool off” so if you change your mind you can go back and return the money without paying the fee. After that time elapses you will be responsible for the balance plus the fee.

florida payday loans

If you can’t pay the loan plus the fee back on the day that it is do there is a over repayment plan available. Florida payday loans lenders are not allowed to take any criminal action towards you in the event that you cannot repay. But you will be responsible for all charges that the Florida payday loans lender receives for cashing your bad check.

Ace Cash Express

This Florida payday loans provider offers a wide arrangement of loans and financial products and services, from Florida payday loans, to online cash advances, to title loans and auto insurance. If you change your mind about your loan within two days time you can return it without paying the fee. You can either visit their local branches in Florida, or you can apply for a loan online. Give them a call at 866-223-2274 or visit their website at www.acecashexpress.com.

Fast Payday Loans

This Florida payday loans company says they can complete the process in 15 minutes flat. They also welcome those that are self-employed to apply. This is important because many cash advance companies make it hard for those that are self-employed to get money. You can get the process started by applying online. Then one of their reps will give you a call to continue the transaction. By doing this they are basically pre-qualifying you so that you can get your money very quickly once you’re in the store. You can call them at 813-238-2848 or visit www.flafastpaydayloans.com.

Cash Plus

This Florida payday loans lender has a variety of convenient services like being able to cash your check, make a wire transfer, make a money order, and of course give you a cash advance until your next payday. They boast that they have a better way of doing business, and it might be worth a visit to one of their locations or to their website to see if their style connects with you. Call them at 714-731-2274 or visit www.cashplusinc.com.

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