Free Credit Review

Free Credit ReviewYou can probably sing the Free Credit jingle in your head after all of the advertising they did on TV to try to get people to sign up for their service. Most of their ads used a guitar playing guy to try to get it stuck in your head.

A lot of people signed up for their service, only to find out that free isn’t really free, and you need a credit card to sign up. The thing is that you need a credit card, and you need to pay $1 just to get started. Worse than that, if you don’t cancel within 7 days you end up paying even more just to check your credit score.

They say that mistakes on your credit report can cost you thousands, which is a scare tactic designed to get you to sign up, but you have to remember that this isn’t the only place that you can get your credit score. Also, if you’ve been denied credit you can get a free report, and also you’re entitled to a free report each year without having to sign up for any sort of trial. When you are going this route be sure to uncheck any boxes that may unwittingly sign you up for things you don’t want.

Free Credit Review – How It Really Works

Free Credit has it set up so that you pay one dollar to sign up and see your credit score, and you need a credit or debit card in order to get signed up. They’ll use that same card to bill you $13 a month for some silly and pointless membership that they will try to make sound awesome, but isn’t.

That’s why there’s now new ads on TV showing people talking to their computers saying that they know that they’ll be charged even though it says free. Those ads are for Credit Karma, a service that is trying to capitalize on how bad Free Credit Report screwed things up.

It’s All a Scam
The reporting agencies that keep your credit information under lock and key are the ones that are behind these sites, and are just looking for a way to further monetize the information they’re holding. Your credit score is your information, and as such you should never have to pay to receive it. The only people that should have to pay to see your credit information is companies that are checking your credit after you apply to them for housing or a loan, etc.

This is pretty much egregious the way they’ve turned this into a fiasco and have upset so many people by charging you for something that is supposed to be free, and is rightfully yours. They should be providing you with a free report without trying to dupe you into a membership. They will provide you with all sort of tidbits on why it’s important to check your score closely yada yada, but that is just to get you to sign up. While it’s good to keep your eye on it, you don’t need to monitor it 24/7 as long as you keep your information secure and don’t submit it over any phony looking sites.

Not Free At All
Free Credit is the biggest misnomer on the Internet, and there should really be some sort of regulatory agency that takes away their domain name because they are not offering a free service, but are advertising that it is free. We’re not quite big enough to make them change their name, but if enough people got together and signed a petition maybe something could be done. It’s a classic case of bait and switch and it’s amazing that a company as big as Experian can get away with such deception.

Our Recommendation
Free Credit does not get our recommendation, and we advise you to stay away from it. We recommend Credit Karma instead, because you don’t need a credit card and it really is free, even though they will present you with offers from their partners. If you just want to check your credit score and get additional information all at the same time, they’re the way to go.

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