Fresh Start Payday Loans Review

Fresh Start Payday Loans ReviewGetting a fresh start sounds great, but is that what’s really being offered by Fresh Start Payday Loans? The easy answer is that no, you won’t actually be getting a fresh start by taking out a payday loan, unless you’re referring to the start of more debt, more fees and high interest to pay back. We’re sorry, but they had it coming by giving themselves such a misnomer.

There’s not really anything about this company that is making us think that they’re are someone we would want to do business with. They have an old, outdated website, and they don’t even encrypt their sign up page, which includes your bank account, employment, and personal information. This is such a basic flaw that they’re not recommended at all.

They offer a toll-free phone line, but they do not staff it 24 hours, so if you’re in need of cash in a hurry you might not want to wait until the next business day, and there are plenty of other lenders out there that can give you a secure sign up page, and get the process started at any time of day.

Fresh Start Payday Loans Review

There are some things that they are doing right at their site, but basically they are just like any other payday lender out there. They offer loans as low as $250, which we always recommend going as low as you possibly can with your payday loan. Borrow just enough to get your back on your feet, and nothing more. The more you take out, the higher the fees of course, but also the higher the likelihood that you will re-loan the money and start the cycle all over again.

By borrowing just $250 from a service like this, you increase your chances of paying it back all at once, and being able to make it to your following payday without having to go back for another loan. In essence, this is how the lending process is supposed to work for the consumer, but all too often it doesn’t work out that way. The lender gets the advantage on every re-loan that is conducted. That’s why it’s important not to get lured in by the promise of fast money, and then find out that you’re locked into paying back and taking it out again and again.

Auto Title Loans
They also offer loans against your car, which not many payday lenders will get involved in. In order to use this feature you have to have your car fully paid off, and hold the title. You then use it as collateral so that you can qualify for higher loan amounts. However, if you don’t make your payments you can lose your car, and be a much worse situation than what you’re in now. Many people regret that they got involved with auto title loans because it makes things messier. We suggest keeping it clean and just using payday loans rather than auto title loans, as you’re not putting anything up that can be taken away.

Final Review of Fresh Start
We can’t recommend using Fresh Start Payday Loans as a viable company to do business with. To run a website that wants to collect sensitive and personal data, but not give users a secure page is reprehensible. Mostly because it’s an easy fix, and something that no professionally run company would allow to happen. There’s really no reason to go any further into why they shouldn’t be considered, because their sign up process is flawed. Even if we could come up with 10 good reasons why you should go with them, it wouldn’t matter, because we wouldn’t suggest sending your bank account number, social security number, driver’s license number and your home address over an unencrypted page.

We know we’re being repetitious, but it’s not every day you find a glaring problem such as this. There are so many different lenders that you can choose to go with that have taken the proper steps to provide a secure page for you to transfer your information on. Or you can use a lender broker so that you can submit your information once, securely, and have it matched with the proper lender, which would not be Fresh Start Payday Loans.

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