Frozen Peas Payday Loan Review

Frozen Peas Payday Loan ReviewFrozen Peas Fund has a unique ring to its name and they work towards a common goal – to provide quick money to those who need it most. Their service is also different from conventional payday lenders, here they do not act as a broker or lend loans directly, and they just provide lender matching services for free. Borrowers with a regular source of income need not fret and Frozen Peas Fund matches the right lender from their network. So chances of your loan getting approved are considerable higher.

Frozen Peas Fund has an interesting story behind its name. The founder of the company discovered an innovative way to get his daughter to eat peas. He promised to drop off $1 in her coin bank when she finished eating her peas, which she would not do otherwise. The trick worked and eventually peas turned out to be the little girl’s favorite food. The money saved in the coin bank was teasingly referred to as the ‘Frozen Pea Fund’ by the family. However, for some of us life does not always give us light moments and hard times can overtake anyone. So the Frozen Peas Fund comes to the rescue to help fill your savings or ‘coin bank’ again.

Before applying you need to first check if you’re over 18 years, have a steady job and earn more than $1000 per month and reside in the United States or Canada. Then login to their website to fill out an online application form that helps you qualify for a payday loan. Some personal, banking and employment related information is all you need to reveal. There is nothing to fax and no hard copies of proofs to submit now. The details filled in the application form is completely secure and stored safely, so you can be rest assured that the data is not in wrong hands. Based on the information submitted, the team checks if you qualify for the loan. Once approved you are informed about the loan rates and other terms and conditions of the borrower. Then you are free to accept or reject the loan at this stage.

Frozen Peas Payday Loan Review – Seeing Between the Lines

If you’re happy with the payday loan interest rates, the money is credited to your checking or savings account. The terms of repayment varies from one lender to the other and so does the loan amount. It will depend on your state of residence so it might be a good idea to check with your local state payday loan interest regulatory laws before you apply or accept the loan. Naturally the interest rates of payday loans are significantly higher in comparison with traditional lenders as payday borrowers’ fall in the high risk category and we also live in times where loan defaulters are at large.

A Responsible Lender
Frozen Peas Fund strongly advocates responsible lending, helping borrowers take informed decisions about payday loans and interest rates. Further, they support The Truth in Lending Act where lenders have to reveal all fees and charges related to payday loans, so nothing is hidden and everything is discussed upfront. Like all payday loans, the borrower is expected to repay the loan in several installments based on the paychecks received for the next few months. However, it is recommended that the loan is paid back in full quickly to avoid the burden of paying excess interest and other charges.

Terms and Conditions
Frozen Peas Fund’s lenders have different terms and underwriting rules, so it likely that some might check your credit score while other are not too particular about it. However, the loan amount, interest rates and other fees might depend on your credit score, so it’s always better to be in FICO’s good books.

Whilst some of us are quick to judge the spending habits of others, Frozen Peas Fund refrains from doing the same. Hard times happen to all of us and that’s why a reliable lender is always necessary. It’s time to do a quick reality check on ourselves first and see why hard times occur? Is it due to an extravagant lifestyle, addiction or just the fact that money is floating with payday loan service providers and they are ready to bail us out? No, use payday loan services only of you really need to and if you’ve already borrowed, ensure that you repay on time and get it over with.

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