Gazelle Review

Gazelle ReviewGazelle is an online service so if you trade in your phone or other electronics for cash. They say there is no risk and that shipping is free so all you have to do is decide whether or not you want to sell your device.

You can even sell an iPad or other tablet as well as an Apple computer. and of course you can sell your old iPod since most cell phones these days also double as mp3 players.

If you are considering taking out a payday loan Gazelle might be one way to avoid taking out a payday loan and getting into debt. If you have some electronics laying around that you aren’t even using anymore you might as well try to find out how much you can get for them and see if this is enough to cover your financial emergency. It wouldn’t make sense to leave these laying around going unused while you go deeper into debt.

You definitely want to get the most cash for your device as possible so it is important to check out this website as well as some others before you make your final decision and make sure you are getting top dollar for what you have.

Gazelle Review

Gazelle Has a three step process. First you get a free offer for your device once you let them know what it is you have exactly. Next, you ship it to devel using a prepaid shipping envelope. They will check out your item to make sure that it is as you say it is, and once that happens they will send you the money. You can choose to receive your money either in the form of a check, through PayPal, on a gift card from Amazon. PayPal will be the fastest way to get your money, and if you have a PayPal account it may be the best way to go. But if you want to clear up your checking account you’ll want to choose the option and simply deposit it into your bank account to clear up any overdrawn situation.

It is a good idea to be as honest as possible when you are describing the gadget that you have. Make sure that you are not misrepresent thing your device or you will probably find out that they reduce the offer once you send it in. if you don’t mention that your screen is cracked, or that there is wear and tear on your phone, don’t be surprised if the offer gets adjusted once your phone gets sent in. however you also don’t want you say that you have a bunch of damage when you dont. Just be as honest as possible, but lean towards the phone being better than what it is because if you say that you have a worn out phone, but they I think that it’s not that worn out, they aren’t going to offer you more once you have said it is in worse condition than it actually is.

Gazelle has been in business for quite some time now and has plenty of customer reviews from people that were pretty amazed at how much they received for their device as well as how fast they were paid out. They have some people that have used because L had a great experience. They also say that they’ve received over 2 million trade ins at this point. That means they must be doing something right and they are sticking around for the long haul. They have already paid out over 200 million dollars to customers for their service, so it is no stretch of the imagination that they will be able to pay you top dollar for your gadget.

Our Recommendation
We definitely recommend giving Gazelle a try and see what their offer is for what you have. There is no obligation for you to take them up on the offer once they make the offer, so it just makes sense to find out how much they are willing to give to you. Also you may want to check other services that are like this, such as Usell and see if there’s a major difference between the two.

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