Gentle Breeze Payday Loan Reviews

Gentle Breeze payday loan reviewsThe Gentle Breeze Payday Loan company is a direct lender, meaning that they deal directly with the consumer and place their own money into your account. They say that it all happens electronically, from the application process down to the money being directly deposited and debited from your account.

Depending on how you like to do business, this will either be appealing to you or throw a kink in your plans. By giving them your banking details to deposit your funds, you are also authorizing them to transfer the funds back out, plus their fee, on your next payday. If you tend to juggle things around when it comes to your payday, you might not like the idea that someone is going to automatically take out their money, many times before you can beat them to it.

If you need the extra control you might prefer doing business with a company that will take your paper check and expect you to return in person with the cash plus the fee. This can give you the extra few hours you might need to move your money around to the right people, or delay paying your loan immediately and paying it according to your own schedule.

Choosing an online lender can be tricky business, because there isn’t really a lot of legislation that’s been written about what a online lender can and can’t do in regards to the rate they charge and how they can collect.

Finding Gentle Breeze Payday Loan Reviews

At this time there just isn’t a lot of feedback coming in for the Gentle Breeze Payday Loan company. One interesting theory that has been presented is that this is not really a “new” company at all, but rather the newest incarnation of a payday loans scandal that has been going on for several years.

The claim is that the original company was called and was Japanese owned. It is said that they were illegally distributing loans across the US without being licensed to conduct these sort of transactions in certain states. After shutting down that site they came out with another one called which basically did the same thing, but was owned by a different company. Now it is apparently a partnership with the La Posta Band of Mission Indians, which would explain the graphic that says Tribal Lending Enterprise.

It’s up to you how much of this story you buy into. We couldn’t find the corroborating evidence behind it so we can’t say whether it is or isn’t the same company. We’re a review site, not a crack team of investigators, so it’s a little out of our jurisdiction, but we felt it was interesting enough to note.

All the Basics Covered
They’ve got everything that’s needed in order to conduct a payday loan, including a secure site, and the process mapped out with what to expect, but what they don’t do is build a compelling case as to why you should choose them over the hundreds of other payday loan options you have available to you. We usually advise dealing with local lenders that have a nationwide presence. This way you can build a relationship with them, but you know that they’re big enough not to go belly up one day and leave you high and dry.

If they gave some sort of value proposition, something that differentiated them from other lenders, like a reduced rate, a longer time to pay your loan off, more lax standards as far as much money you need to make per month to qualify for a loan, something – anything to make them stand apart from the pack, we might have an easier time recommending them.

Not Enough Information
Not much is known about Gentle Breeze Payday Loan as a lender. They don’t make a lot of information available about themselves, and they don’t give important data in regards to how long they’ve been around, how many loans they’ve given out, or why you should trust them to handle your sensitive banking data. Because of these reasons we’re going to have to recommend against getting a loan with them. There are plenty of other companies out there that have more experience, and provide more information up front so that you can get a better idea of who you’re doing business with.

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