Get Loans Without Checking Account Review

Get Loans Without Checking Account ReviewGet Loans Without Checking Account is based on the simple premise that they can find you lenders willing to lend to you even though you don’t have a checking account.

Perhaps you do have a checking account and just don’t want a lender to have access to it. Perhaps your checking account is a mess and you don’t want the lender taking out the money from your account because you have other bills coming out of it automatically and you don’t want an overdraft fee. Or maybe you are interested in using your savings account as the account and not your checking account.

Whatever the reason, you’ve probably already figured out that there aren’t too many lenders willing to lend money to borrowers without a checking account. We’ll explore more as to why this is the case a little later, but for now it’s important to understand what sort of loan you’re looking for if you don’t want to use your checking account. Most of these loans will be with online lenders, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting a good deal and not paying super high interest and fees, which you probably will.

The other factor you should consider is how are these lenders supposed to get the money to you if you don’t have a checking account? Be leery of any lender that is willing to send you money but is requiring that you send them money first, especially if it is through Western Union or MoneyGram. You always want to make sure that you get the money first, without having to make any good faith deposit or other such nonsense. There are plenty of scammers out there that will tell you a long and elaborate lie to get you to wire them money.

Get Loans Without Checking Account Review

Get Loans Without Checking Account wants to make the case that they can find you loans without the need of a checking account. While it is possible to find lenders that will lend to you without a checking account, they are few and far between. You see, lenders need to know that they’ll get their money, which is why they either ask for you to write them a check or to provide them access to your checking account. It’s the only assurance they have that you’ll actually pay them back.

If you find a lender that doesn’t require a checking account, what sort of guarantee do they have that you’ll pay them the money on the due date? There’s really nothing saying that you’ll be able to pay them back, because they have no way to collect their money. It would be entirely up to you to pay them back on your honor, and most lenders are not interested in this sort of situation.

Not a Direct Lender
They refer to themselves as a financial intermediary, which means they are the middleman between you and the actual lenders. They also point out that they are not a government organization, although there’s nothing on their site that would lead one to believe that they have anything to do with the government. Dealing with a direct lender has its advantages, but it can also be time consuming, especially if you’re trying to find one without a checking account.

Security Issues
On their application page they ask the question “What are you waiting for?”. Here’s the answer: You’re waiting for them to host their application on a secure server so that you can see https in the address bar and not http. The information they’re asking for is pretty sensitive, so it only makes sense that you would want the same level of security that is pretty much standard across email, social networks, online banking, etc.

Our Recommendation
Get Loans Without Checking Account doesn’t provide anything that you can’t find elsewhere at better sites that have secure pages for you to submit your application. It’s pretty much a cardinal sin when you don’t bother to have your application hosted securely. This is basically a matching service, and there are literally hundreds of other matching services that have secure applications and better customer service access.

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