Go Loan Review

Go Loan Review
Go Loan says that they can get you up to $35,000 if you qualify. They say these are unsecured loans that you do not have to have collateral in order to back it up. They also say that you can apply online and they will match you with the letter that is willing to loan you the amount that you need.

They say that the cash comes quickly so you can use it for anything you need the money for and that it only takes a few minutes to apply. They also say that it is conducted online on their secure site so there is no need to visit a local office.

Some of the available options they have for taking out a loan are to buy a car, to adopt a baby, to buy a boat, to start a business, to have a cosmetic procedure done, to get dental work done, to buy an engagement ring, to make improvements on your house, to take care of household expenses, to make a large purchase, to take care of medical bills, to buy a motorcycle, to take a vacation, to have a wedding, to pay back taxes, and they also let you just choose your own reason why.

Go Loan Review – The Major Difference

One of the most obvious and striking differences of Go Loan is that they allow you to take out such large lump sums. Normal payday loans usually are capped at around $1000, and in many states they are capped at lower limits, say about $600. This lender is willing to lend large amounts that will not be due back on your payday, but rather be paid off in installments so that you can pay over time and avoid getting into a debt trap.

Higher Loan Limits
Because of the higher loan limits you are able to do more with the money that you receive. That means you can really take care of a financial emergency and not have to worry about it two weeks later when the loan is due. This allows you to get back on top of your finances, and reduces the likelihood that you’ll have to reloan on the money after you pay it back. There are literally thousands of lenders willing to lend you about a thousand dollars, but it’s not very often that you’ll find a lender that is able to offer such high amounts.

Obviously you’ll have to qualify for the larger amounts, but if you can this would be a much more preferable way to go rather than taking out a payday loan again and again, while you’re racking up the fees.

Even though their website is located at GoLoans.org, they are not a nonprofit agency, nor are they an organization. Any business can register a new .org domain name they just buy it the same way you would buy a dot com domain name. So don’t think that they are here to do you any favors or that they’re not making a profit. They are a matching service that puts you in touch with lenders that are willing to loan high amounts to people that otherwise wouldn’t be able to loan that from the bank.

Not a Lender
You won’t actually be receiving any money from Go Loan because they are not a direct lender, nor are they a lender at all. They are simply putting you in touch with lenders that have expressed interest in loaning to borrowers that may not have perfect credit, so they can’t get loans from banks, but they still need large amounts for large purchases, or large emergencies.

This means that you won’t actually be paying your payments back to Go Loan, and after they match you with your lender you’ll be doing business with them instead of with Go Loan. They’re pretty much just a middleman, and that’s okay for you because they won’t be charging you any fees to use their service, the fee will be paid for by the lender.

Our Recommendation
We would recommend going with Go Loan if you need a large amount, and a payday loan just isn’t going to cut it. It doesn’t hurt to start off by applying with them, if you get rejected you can always go with a payday loan as a back up to this but this would be a good choice as a first step.

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