Helping Hand Advances Review

Helping Hand Advances ReviewHelping Hand Advances says they can help you get $1000 as early as the next business day. No crazy claims here, as many lenders are able to get you approved in one business day, and get the funds released to your account the next business day.

All too often you’ll see sites that say you can get far more than $1000 in far less time, so it’s refreshing to see a company that is not going overboard with its claims and not promising more than it can deliver. If you need $1000 or less and you could use it like yesterday, this may be a good place to start to see if they can get you approved.

Services like these are not lenders themselves but rather forward your information on to actual lenders so those lenders don’t have to maintain a website of their own to attract new borrowers. The lenders pay these sites so you don’t end up paying to use the service you can just fill out one application instead of several.

Helping Hand Advances Review

Helping Hand Advances will try to find you a lender that is willing to lend to you based on the information you provide to them. One tip is to give accurate information so that you get a loan in the amount that you can afford, and you don’t get slowed down during the verification process. If you don’t feel comfortable giving your information to a site then you should find a site that makes you feel comfortable enough to do so.

You can’t expect a company to give you cash without providing the necessary information, and here they’re just asking for the basics, and nearly all payday sites like this will ask the same basic questions. They need to know who you are, where you work, and where you bank in order to send you money. Your personal information is used to help collect the money if you don’t pay, and they’ll also use your employer information as well. This is of course after they try to deduct their payment from your bank account on the agreed upon day.

Do Payday Loans Really Help?
By calling themselves Helping Hand they are pretty much saying that they are helping you out during this time of financial crisis. But payday loans have been proven time and time again not to help, but in most cases hinder a person financially. Money problems come and go, and payday lenders take the opportunity of you being desperate for cash and turn it into an asset that lasts for months and months, sometimes years.

Be on the lookout for phrases like these, and realize that even though it might make sense to you now to take out a payday loan, in all likelihood a few months from now you’ll be wishing that you had just eked it out a little more and not used one. That being said, if you’re still considering taking out a payday loan, let’s see if you should get one from this lender.

Secure Site
Since they are requesting your name and other contact information on their homepage, it’s right of them to make sure that the entire site is secure. This means that no matter when you decide to fill out their application, your information will be secure, including your name and email address. This takes you to the application page, which is pretty standard and asks for additional personal information as well as your banking info and employment details.

So many sites like these do not provide a secure application, and it’s one of the biggest factors you should consider when using a service like this. Remember that they’re not a lender, so the least they can do is spend a little extra and give you a secure application, which they do.

Our Recommendation
Helping Hand Advances, despite the name, is a site that we’d feel pretty good using. They give you a secure application and provide you with the basic information needed to understand how the process works. It would be nice if they’d go into more detail regarding the types of lenders they have in their network, but they do give you a

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