Horizon Payday Loans Review

Horizon Payday Loans ReviewGetting an online cash advance from a site like Horizon payday loans can sometimes be easier than going in person or doing business over the phone. There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind, and to check out before you go through with the transaction.

The first thing we noticed when attempting to do business with them was that their application form is hosted on a secure server. Many times we check out payday lenders with online sites and are amazed that they have no encryption on their application page where they expect you to enter your banking details. Horizon has this area covered, and if you decide to do business with them, your information will be securely transmitted.

The next thing we like to look for is how helpful the lender is with providing information about the process you’re about to go through. In this case Horizon has a frequently asked questions page that has a few questions and brief answers that don’t really go into too much detail. Not a big deal, and nice that they provide something, with some competitors being basically just an application page.

Horizon Payday Loans Review: No Terms Listed

One unusual thing we found with Horizon Payday Loans was that they don’t have a terms page page at their site. This is a bit alarming since almost every single one of their competitors will list a terms of use page detailing what is actually happening when you submit your information. Because of this we are not sure whether Horizon payday loans is a direct lender, or a lender matching service. Their wording is very ambiguous and they do not identify themselves as either one.

It’s therefore unknown whether you will be receiving the money directly from Horizon, or if they will be sharing your application information with other lenders in an effort to get your loan funded. While this may not seem like a big deal, the choice of going with a direct lender vs. a matching service is actually a pretty big one, and not one that you should take lightly. We did an entire guide what a direct lender is and how it differs from a matching service, including the pros and cons.

Privacy Policy
They do have a privacy policy which can be accessed from the application page. This says that they may share your information with third parties that provide service to you, which leads us to believe that they are not a direct lender. But they do not expressly state that they will not be the ones lending you the money, which is pretty much the norm in this industry. Their privacy policy is not very detailed and does not take the place of a terms of use page.

No Phone Number
Only providing an email address as a form of contact for customer service is suspect. Almost any payday lender or matching service worth their salt will have a phone number to be reached at, and will list the hours that customer service is available. It could be a one-man operation running out of someone’s home if it’s just email as a form of customer service. This is yet another red flag, and another big reason why we wouldn’t give them our banking details if we were in your shoes. There are simply far too many alternatives available than to risk it.

For example, we’ve found at least a dozen matching services that have friendly customer service available via a toll free number, others with live chat enabled and ready to help, and still others that have 24 hour service available. Why go with this company when your only option is send an email and hope for a response?

Best to Go Elsewhere
Unless and until Horizon Payday Loans discloses what type of lender they are, we would suggest going elsewhere for your loan. The mere fact that they don’t have a page detailing the terms of use on their site is a mistake that may not sound crucial, but after you’ve seen hundreds of payday lenders like we have, you come to understand what the basics are, and when a site is lacking the basics, you have to wonder what they’d be like if you actually did business with them.

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