Installment Loans Hub Review

Installment Loans Hub ReviewInstallment Loans Hub So they can put you in touch with quick cash and direct lenders and that they are your number one source for loans you can get online with no collateral. They claim to have been ranked number one for approvals in the year 2014, and part of that would be because they accept good or bad credit and they don’t require any faxing of paperwork.

They also say they have a fast delivery of your cash and that you can apply for loans 24 hours a day any day and get the extra cash you need. They say they will provide you with funds ranging from anywhere from $100 to $1000 and it takes less than 10 minutes and you can even apply from your smartphone. They say that they have a network of lenders all over the country so no matter where you are you can get cash locally.

They do point out that you must meet certain qualifications in order to get the cash that you need including being over 18 years old and having a checking or savings account that you are able to have your money directly deposited into. You also have to show that you have a job and that you’ve been at the job for a reasonable amount of time, or you can use Social Security payments as your source of income.

They give a few examples of how you can use the money they provide including avoiding late payments and taking care of financial emergencies. In some scenarios if you do the math you can avoid a late fee on a credit card payment or an overdraft fee from the bank, but you have to know for a fact that this will help you. If you get caught in the payday loan trap you will just end up paying the payday loan back and taking it out again several times and the payday loan fee will be much more than the late fee would have been and you would have had gone into debt.

Installment Loans Hub Review

Installment Loans Hub houses the application on an insecure server, but the application is embedded from a different site so it could still be secure however it would be better if they could host it on a secure server that’s encrypted for your protection.

Another thing that we noticed is that they are not a lender and solids but are you really getting you to you fill out their application so that they can pass it on to lenders in their network. One interesting part of this site is that they say you can get loans up to $100,000 if you have excellent credit these loans start out with an APR of 1.99% and depending on how good your credit is. They say that you can use these larger loans for any purpose so it could be very helpful if you are in need of a larger long to take care of all of your smaller debts or if you have a large financial emergency. However because you need to have very good credit in order to get these loans, it will be just like getting a loan from a bank due to the more strict requirements.

Instant Approvals?
Installment Loans Hub says they provide instant loan approvals, but this is likely not the case since they are not the lender themselves but rather are going to send your application to other lenders which is going to take some time. Perhaps they mean that you will get an instant pre-approval based on the information you submit the application.

Our Recommendation
Installment Loans Hub may be a good place to start is you want installment loans rather than a payday loan. However there are a few things that you might want to be aware of before you take a loan from them. You are not dealing with a direct lender here but rather a middle man that is going to take your application and send it to lenders on your behalf. This could be more efficient than trying to deal directly with wonders yourself, but it’s nice to know exactly who you’re dealing with.

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