Instant Cash Advance Review

Instant Cash Advance ReviewInstant Cash Advance says you can get money very quickly, maybe not in an instant but surely quicker than from your local bank. But if you’ve been around the industry for any length of time you know that sometimes these kind of websites will make promises that they just can’t live up to. We are here to find out whether or not this is a good company to go with or whether you have better options available.

One of the first things you’ll notice is they have a scam alert at the top of the page that says people are getting automatic robotic calls for pre approved loans from a company that is much different than they are. It’s always nice when a company will give you a scam alert because they realize that some people don’t want to do business with a company that would use this kind of marketing tactic to try to earn business.

Another thing you might notice is that they have to toll free numbers, one which gives the location of the branches that they have, and another one that lets you call in to get a payday loan online. So they are really catering to two types of consumers, one that wants to do business in person and one that is comfortable conducting their loan over the phone or online.

Instant Cash Advance Review: Loan Limits

Instant Cash Advance states that the limit for their loans is $600 and that if you apply online that you can get paid in just minutes. That is interesting because most of the time the payment will have to go through a bank which has to approve the disbursement of the funds so perhaps they are talking about their ability to release the funds within minutes. $600 is a pretty standard limit in most cases and when you’re looking for a payday loan generally and you will find limits like these in place. If you want you to get a higher loan amount you would want to go with an online loan which is different than a payday loan and that you’ll have a larger loan amount and a longer time to repay the loan, rather than having it come out on your next payday.

Instant Cash Advance has several different customer service options, and you can see that customer service is definitely a priority for them. You can call our toll-free number, or you can email them, or you can even send them a fax. They are members of the Community Financial Services Association of America which is always a good sign and something that you should look for when you are going to do business with any payday loan lender. This is an association that make sure that the lenders abide by the laws that are in place in the state that they do business in.

Cash for Gold
One feature of the Instant Cash Advance site that you may be interested in is that they give cash for gold which can often be a better idea of and taking out a payday loan to meet your short term financial needs. When you trade in your gold for cash you won’t have to worry about paying back a loan or going into debt, and if the gold did not have any sentimental value then you don’t have to worry about losing it. many borrowers find that took by partying with a little bit of gold they are able to generate enough cash to weather the financial storm and make it through without going into further debt.

Our Recommendation
Instant Cash Advance is the type of business that we would definitely recommend. They have real world locations so you can deal with that in person if you choose, and they are calling all the laws and regulations that are in place both for your protection and for theirs. They also offer different services so that you aren’t just pigeonholed into a payday loan, and it is always good to see a company that gives consumers different options rather than just making them I’m going to that.

We always recommend doing what’s in your best interest, so be sure that a payday loan is the best thing for you before you go that direction.

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