Integrity Payday Loans Review

Integrity Payday Loans ReviewIf you’re in need of a short term loan, or cash advance, you might be considering Integrity Payday Loans as a lender. They say that you can get your money fast, and that you can even get it within hours.

But all of these payday lenders say basically the same thing, and break the process down into three easy steps. The first step is applying, the next is getting approved, and the third step is getting the money put into your bank account. They say they have excellent customer service, that they don’t do credit checks, and that everything can be done online.

Our Integrity Payday Loans Review

Getting payday loan reviews from lenders is a good idea before signing the loan agreement, but it’s also a tricky thing to do because most people will not come back and report a positive experience that they had with the payday lender because there’s just not a lot of motivation for them to do so. However, people that are disgruntled with a lender because they took aggressive means to get their money back, or they didn’t get good customer service, are more than happy to give a negative review.

What We Like
We like that they have a secure site, and they even encrypt pages other than the application. They also cap the first time loan at $500, which you probably won’t like if you want more than $500, but is actually a good thing because usually payday lenders will lend out more money than you can afford to pay back with one paycheck. By capping it off at $500 they give you enough money to potentially get you out of your jam, but also an amount that you can get your head around paying back within two weeks.

We also like that they allow you to pay the loan off in increments, and only require the fee being paid on your next payday. It allows you to get back on your feet, and pay the loan off over time, just like if it was a regular loan that you got from a bank. This is actually the way a payday loan should be, if they really wanted to help people. We’re not saying that Integrity Payday Loans is an angel or some savior, but compared to other payday loan lenders that require you to pay off not only the fee, but also the balance and then re-loan the whole thing over again, they’re definitely three steps ahead.

What We Don’t like
We don’t like that they offer promotions and giveaways to repeat customers, because in our view a payday loan company should not really be worried about getting repeat customers. The sad truth is though, that this is their bread-and-butter. If it was perfectly set up, a payday loan would only be needed once, and not every other week or every month. The point of a payday loan is you have run into a spot of trouble, thinking that you will continuously run into spots of trouble is a pretty negative proposition.

The perfect payday loan process from the consumer’s point of view would be taking out a small loan, paying off immediate bills that are due, or overdue, or digging yourself out of a negative balance in your checking account. When your next payday rolls around, you pay off the payday loan, live frugally for a few weeks, and then you’re back to the way things were before disaster struck.

For a company to spend so much effort on treating their loyal customers well, it shows that they expect people to take their loans out more than once. So while it is a good idea to treat your repeat customers like VIPs, the best thing you can do for people that are taking out your loans again and again is to give them financial planning advice, and help them get out of the payday loan cycle that they’re in.

A Horse of a Different Color
On the surface Integrity Payday Loans looks like a payday lender that’s actually trying to do things a little differently than every single other one out there. We recommend doing a little more investigation into the claims that they make, but we are giving them the green light as far as giving them a try. With a secure site, and the ability to pay your loan off over time instead of all at once, they’re definitely worth trying out.

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