Jiffy Payday Loans Review

Jiffy Payday Loans ReviewJiffy Payday Loans has chosen a name that would have you believe that it can get your a payday loan quickly, as in a jiffy, but let’s take a closer look at what they offer and try to determine if this is the right lender for your needs.

When sizing up a payday lender there are a few important considerations you’ll need to make. First, are they going above and beyond the competition and giving you a good feeling about doing business with them? Are they posting their loan rates so that you know what you’re getting into? Do they have customer service that is friendly and easy to reach, even if you just have a few questions before getting started, or are they just salespeople trying to get you to sign up for a loan?

After giving them a thorough evaluation you then have to put them up against the competition and see which one comes out on top. Look for things like how much the money is going to cost you, how long you get it for, and what sort of repayment options you have. This will paint a picture as to which lender is better, and you can make an educated decision. If you choose incorrectly you can always switch lenders after your bad experience, so it’s not a life-altering decision.

Our Jiffy Payday Loans Review

Jiffy Payday Loans says that it’s the fastest way to cash, and that you can get an unsecured loan up to $1500, with instant approval while you wait. Of course lots of places say the same thing, but when you read the fine print you see that there are a lot of conditions that need to be met in order for this to happen. You’ll need to make a certain amount if you want to qualify for the full $1500 and many times an instant approval turns into an hour or more. There’s also additional stipulations if you plan on using your car for a title loan.

More Options are Better
A payday lender than only offers payday loans is doing a real disservice to the customer, and is showing that they’re only interested in making the most money possible. By offering more options to the consumer you are allowing them to have more control of their financial situation, and allowing them to make the right decision based on how they’re going to use the money. All financial crises are not created equally and if you need a large sum of cash a payday loan isn’t going to cut it, and will just ending up costing a fortune in the long run.

Auto Title Loans
Jiffy Payday Loans also offers loans based on the value of your car. These will have different requirements than a cash advance, but if you meet them an auto title loan is often a better bet than getting a payday loan, especially if you need larger loan amounts and you don’t want to pay it off entirely on your next payday. You’ll typically get better rates, and have much longer to pay it off, but of course you need to have a car that meets their specifications, and the title needs to be clear and in your name so they can use the car as collateral.

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