Kenwood Payday Loans Review

Kenwood Payday LoansKenwood Payday Loans says you can get money deposited into your bank account in as little as one hour. It would be nice if they could provide proof that this has ever happened in all of the instances they’ve helped get a loan.

They are not qualified to tell you how long it will take to get your money because they are not a lender, and simply a matching service. If anything they are an additional step in the process and could make it take longer by playing the middle man. They are speaking on behalf of a group of lenders, so they really have no idea how long it takes to get your money, nor do they control how long your bank holds up the transaction.

Most matching services like this one will say that you will get your money the next business day, which is much more accurate, and this is an obvious ploy to try to look more appealing by making a promise they can’t live up to.

Kenwood Payday Loans Review – Oh the Lies!

Kenwood Payday Loans says you can get your cash in as little as one hour. This has never been done and is an all out lie. More than that this is something that they shouldn’t even begin to promise you because they have no control over when your bank decides to process the transaction and clear the money into your account. What they should say is that the money is sent in as little as one hour, as this is what they do have control over.

What this does is preys on your desire to have the money as soon as possible. And since they don’t really care what you think of them once you fill out the application, there’s really nothing for them to lose by promising you the world in exchange for an application.

No Security!
Question: Who wants to put their Social Security Number into an insecure web page and hit the submit button! This is just the sort of site that sets up identity thieves with enough information to take out loans and take on your identity. Guys, if you’re going to have an application page on your homepage at least take the step of hosting the site on a secure server. This is a rookie mistake and it shows you what sort of company you’re really dealing with. Unacceptable.

As If You Needed More
Kenwood Payday Loans refers to themselves as a matching service, but this would imply that they are actually taking the time to match you up with a lender that is specifically attuned to your needs. But this is very likely not the case, and they are in all likelihood simply going to send your information to their affiliate lenders and either collect a small fee for sending a lead, or a bigger commission if you end up taking out a loan. At no point will you be charged for using the service, the lender pays the fee and does not add it to the loan.

Our Recommendation
Kenwood Payday Loans is not a matching service we would go with. They don’t provide much in the way of helpful information regarding the loan, and a proper matching service will educate you on whether you need a loan or not, instead of simply trying to bait you into the application. Be leery of any lender that puts their application on their homepage. That is a clear signal that they are only interested in one thing, and that is collecting their fee for finding a new potential customer.

It’s not very often that a review is so easy to give, but when they straight out lie to your face on their homepage by telling you that you can get your money in as little as an hour, it sets the tone for a very bad experience. You will not get your money in as little as an hour, and there really should be some sort of penalty exacted on companies like this by a governing agency because they are boldly and unapologetically lying to the consumer in an effort to create more business. Reprehensible.

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