Koster’s Cash Loans Review

Koster's Cash Loans ReviewKoster’s Cash Loans has both an online service and real world branches to serve you. This is something we always look for in a lender, having real locations you can visit. More on that later as we get down to brass taxes and determine whether this is a lender worth doing business with.

They’re doing everything right by our standards, with an application page hosted on a secure server, an informational frequently asked questions page that can help you determine if you need a loan, and can also brief you on the payday loan process. They’ve also got all of their physical locations listed for you so you can quickly determine where your nearest branch is if you want to stop in.

In the world of payday loans you want to choose a lender that has all of their ducks in a row so to speak, because chances are you’re going to need them again in the future and you want to be sure they’re going to be around long enough to build a relationship with. In this case it seems like they’re doing an excellent job at providing a quality experience to their customers.

Koster’s Cash Loans Review

Koster’s Cash Loans has both online and offline services which is nice because it’s always a good sign that they are a legitimate business and following the rules and regulations of the state that they’re in. It also shows that they’ve reached a level of success, or have invested enough in the business and are treating it like a viable entity. Rather than doing business with a company that only maintains an online website, where it’s harder to determine how well they’re doing, and how much they’ve got riding on their success.

Go In Person
If you happen to live near one of their locations it’s always a good idea to stop in and get the loan directly. Even though it’s more convenient to do it online, it’s nice to build a rapport with the people that are lending you money, and it also give you a good feel of how they’re going to treat you as a customer, and how well they value your business. If you go in and don’t have a good experience you might decide not to get the loan and can walk out without giving them any personal information. That’s something you can’t do online.

Loaning Rent Money
One example they give is using a payday loan to pay the rent. This is almost always a bad idea and if you’re resorting to a loan to pay your rent you’ve likely got bigger problems on your hands, and a payday loan is only going to get you more broke more quickly. Your rent is a basic financial requirement, and payday loans should be used for emergency expenses. Rent does not qualify, even though it may feel very urgent to you in the moment. The same way food is not an emergency expense even if you’re really hungry.

Examples of emergencies would be car repairs, medical bills, or some other unforeseen problem that you weren’t expecting. While they say they don’t recommend taking out a loan for luxury purchases or entertainment, they should also have stated that you shouldn’t use a loan to pay for basic and regular living expenses. This means you are living beyond your means and the house of cards will quickly collapse on its own, even without the added financial burden of a payday loan.

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