LendGreen Review

LendGreen Review
LendGreen says you can have $500 in your account as soon as tomorrow and that they’re safe, quick, and easy. This is often said by most payday lenders, and it is the three things that borrowers want to know most. Will their transaction be kept secure, will the process go quickly, and will it be easier than getting the money from a local lender.

When you are dealing with an online business like this you really don’t have a lot to go on other than what they tell you at their website. From what we can determine this is website that is trying to provide a secure connection, but isn’t quite getting it perfect. They have https in the URL signifying that the connection is secure, but they have elements of the page that are not secure. Other services may be able to offer you more security than they are providing.

So with the safety of your information in question, let’s look to see how quick the process will go. Since you’re dealing directly with the lender you will not have to wait while your application is sent to a network of lenders, which could speed up the process. Since they know that you’re not going to wait around too long before going with another lender, it is in their best interest to get you an answer fast.

There’s a long list of states that they don’t lend to, so you should be aware that if you live in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia, or Wisconsin you won’t be able to take out a loan with them. Also if you’re in the military, but that’s across the board with all lenders.

LendGreen Review

LendGreen also says that the process is easy. Whenever you go with an online lender instead of going with a brick and mortar lender in your area, it’s going to be easier. Doing things online is always easier than doing them in person, and it’s more private that way too. What if one of your friends sees you going into the payday loan store? It could be pretty embarrassing since there’s only one reason why you’d need to go there. And most lenders have it set up so you have to come back to them on your payday to pay back the loan. Who has time for that?

Native American Owned
Some borrowers like to know when they are dealing with a lender that is owned by a Native American tribe. The reason they like to know this is because often these lenders will not need to pay federal or state taxes on the income they make, which means they won’t be contributing to the local area. Instead they are contributing to their own tribe, which depending on your thoughts on the matter will make you want to do business with them more or less. We leave it up to you to decide, but since they point it out on their site we thought we’d point it out here.

Not Subject to Federal Laws
If you fall behind on your payments this business is not required to follow any laws regarding collection practices. That’s one more reason why borrowers should know who they’re signing a contract with before they go ahead with the deal. They also point out that they won’t be using your credit information to make their determination, so you can apply with them with bad credit and still have a chance.

Our Recommendation
LendGreen is a direct lender that can provide you with the cash you need in a hurry. Whether you want to do business with them is your choice, as they don’t have an totally encrypted application page, and they are a Native American owned lender that is not subject to the same federal laws that govern other lenders, and they don’t pay taxes on the money they make. Other than that they appear to be offering the same sort of service that you can get from dozens of other lenders, so you do have options if this isn’t your cup of tea.

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