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Lexington Law ReviewLexington Law is in business to help out consumers with their credit report by getting negative items removed from it legally. This could be a very helpful resource if you’ve run into problems with your credit such as late payments, charge-offs, and more.

But is this sort of credit repair legal, and can you trust that it will improve your credit score or rating, and not damage it? That’s why it’s important to check into a company like this to make sure they have the proper credentials to help. Here we find that they don’t just use law in the title to make themselves sound more legal than they are, they do so because it’s a legit law firm helping in a way that is totally legal.

They feature an entire section on learning about credit, which is impressive since they are positioning themselves as the credit experts. But the more you know about credit and what affects it, the more they’ll be able to help you when you speak with them on the phone, and the more you’ll be able to help yourself going forward.

Lexington Law Review – What They Do

Lexington Law has over 20 years of experience doing what they do for consumers, so there isn’t anything new and incredible about what they do, and they’ve pretty much seen everything there is to see in terms of credit reports. When you think about it there’s only so much that a person can do to their credit report, and when you helped thousands and thousands of customers each one pretty much has the same junk on their report that needs removing.

So instead of re-inventing the wheel they just get better and better and doing what they do. This is the sort of company that you’ll want to seriously look at if your credit is less than perfect. The cost of the service can easily be justified when you consider the higher interest rates that a low credit score leaves you with.

Almost 5 Million Items Removed
In 2013 they’re saying they removed almost five million items from consumer credit reports. These could include anything from information that just doesn’t belong on there anymore, to negative items that factor into credit scores.

You definitely want to steer clear of any credit repair service that talks about removing things from your credit report, or overstates just how dramatic an effect their service will have on your credit. There are simply some items that can’t be removed, others that shouldn’t be removed, and you want to go with a service where they know the difference. You also don’t want to get into any trouble for attempting to illegally alter or edit your credit report.

That’s where a company’s history really factors in. Here you have a long line of success that you can look at, so you are really tapping into their system and using the knowledge they’ve gained over so many years to your advantage. Of course this comes with a price, but you can easily justify it by thinking of all the time you’re saving from learning how to do it yourself.

Additional Help with Info
They don’t just help you if you sign on with their service. They provide a ton of useful information through articles at their site. You can learn about credit repair, but you can also learn about finances while you’re married, and other topics that have an impact on your bottom line.

It’s nice to feel that someone is on your side for once, since it can feel like the credit bureaus are working against you, and also that the places that review your credit report before making a decision are also against you. With Lexington Law in your corner you can feel better about your credit report right away.

Our Recommendation
Lexington Law is getting our recommendation because they have a long track record of success and they are willing to give you a free consultation with a paralegal before making your decision to take it to the next step. This consultation alone will help you get a better idea of what your credit report looks like to those that make decisions based on credit reports.

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