Liberty Payday Loan Review

Liberty PayDay Loan ReviewLiberty Payday Loan puts it out there that they pretty much want you to fill out their application by putting it right on their home page. Good thing they encrypt their entire website so that you could fill it out if you felt like it.

The thing to keep in mind is that even though you’re the one in need of money, your information has value and many companies exist that will make a profit just by forwarding your information on to lenders in the form of a lead. The Liberty site is an example of a lead generating website, and not only will they not be the one that is lending you the money, they won’t even be the one that is matching you up to the lender. They are simply around to collect your personal and banking information, and they make no bones about it by putting the form right on their homepage.

That’s why you should be wise with your info and only apply to reputable businesses that provide value for it. There’s nothing noble about a company that doesn’t do much other than take your information. They are like a middle man to a middle man.

Our Liberty Payday Loan Review

The first thing you have to determine is whether you’re at the right Liberty Payday Loan. There are two sites competing for the same title, one with a .com name and one with a .net name. They are not the same company, but they are both vying for the same search term. We’ve determined that the .com site is the one that most people are trying to find, but they are currently losing the battle to the .net site. Whatever the case, this review pertains to since we don’t feel that the .net site is worthy of review.

First Page Application
Many times you see lenders out there that will ask for your name and email address to get the application started, but Liberty has gone all out and you can enter your banking details right from the first page you come to after finding their website. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it does make it convenient, but it also means that they’ve got to convince you to go with their matching service over the many others that are out there. Perhaps they feel if they make it very convenient you’ll just start filling it out right away.

Not a Direct Lender
There’s no ifs ands or buts about it, this is not a direct lender and they don’t say they are. This means that they’re going to try to match you with a direct lender that meets your specific criteria. It’s a way of speeding up the application process and making it so you only have to fill out one application in order to get funded.

Not a Direct Matching Service
Some matching services actually have their own network of lenders that they have individually approved and that they can vouch for. This is really just an affiliate of a generic matching service out there that has many companies trying to funnel leads into it. For example, if you call the toll free number that they provide you won’t actually be patched through to Liberty Payday Loan, you’ll go to some general loan processing boiler room where they’ll try to get your information and get you farmed out to some unknown lender.

And that’s really what you’re sacrificing by going with a matching service, especially one as unknown as Liberty Payday Loan. You just don’t know who you’re getting into bed with, and you don’t know what will become of your information, because it’s going to pass through so many different hands just to get an answer. When you deal with a direct lender you can go to them in person and even look a representative in the eye if you want. You know you’re dealing with a reputable lender because they have to abide by state laws.

A matching service sounds like a good idea, but if you use one be sure you’re using a real one and not just a company that is a front for another matching service.

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