LoanNow Review

LoanNow ReviewLoanNow specializes in installment loans and is a direct lender so you are dealing directly with the company that will loan you the money. They display an A+ credit rating from the Better Business Bureau and say that they are an accredited business.

They also say that you get cash in your bank account right away thanks to their quick loan funding. They also state that you need no documentation in order to fill out their application and verify your income. They also say that their loans are cheaper than payday loans and that they have rates as low as 29% APR. While that may seem high compared to a bank loan, it’s very low compared to a payday loan. If they have easier qualifications and let you pay back over time that’d be great.

They claim to be a better installment loans direct lender and they say that they are unlike other lenders because they are not going to load your inbox full of spam after you fill out their application. Because they are the lender they have more quality control over what happens with your application and they are in a better position to serve you. Your paragraph they make a good point

They make a good point because there are so many junk websites are there in the payday loan industry and they these types of referral agencies and payday affiliates can really clutter things up. They also point out that just because you were dealing with a direct lender doesn’t mean you are dealing with a great company. They bring up the Better Business Bureau it has an indicator that you’re dealing with a legitimate business and not one that has a low rating.

LoanNow Review

LoanNow gives just three reasons why you should go with them over the competition. The first is that they have a five minute application which they say is fast, easy, and headache free. The next reason is they give a fast and easy approval and they say that you will have a quick loan approval and your money will be there in minutes. They also say that they will do a posit deposit your money right into your bank account. However most other payday loan companies say the same thing, a short application, easy approval, and the money deposited right into your account.

They also have a three step process says just like every other company out there. All you have to do is apply, get approved, and get your money. So they are not really breaking the mold when it comes to the promises they are making or the reasons they are giving for going with them over another lender.

They do show how with them you can help improve your score with them so you can get better and better rates on the loans you receive from them. This is similar to a credit score but seems to be an in-house score that they used to judge you based on your previous performance on other loans with them.

Everything Is In Order
One thing you’ll notice about LoanNow is that they have all of their ducks in a row. They have an encrypted website from the first page to the last, and everything is streamlined and efficient. You can tell why they were able to get accredited by the Better Business Bureau because they seem to be doing everything they can to provide a good experience to the customer. Unfortunately in today’s day in age not every company wants to do this, so it’s important to reward the companies that take the extra time and effort to provide the type of experience that each one of us deserves.

Our Recommendation
LoanNow gets our recommendation if you are looking for an installment loan and want to deal directly with the lender. There are not too many direct lenders out there that have their own website and deal directly with the consumer when it comes to installment loans. Since installment loans are so much better than payday loans it’s great idea to find one that has easy approvals and will help you establish a reputation with them so you can get better rates over time.

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