Loans for 1000 Review

Loans for 1000 ReviewLoans for 1000, by the name itself, seems to imply that you can get loans for $1000. In many states this would be more than you can get at a payday lender, since those lenders will have to abide by state regulations.

They say they don’t run your credit, and many payday lenders will not run your credit because they understand that you don’t have good credit and you are using employment as collateral for the loan. So it is not surprising that they would not check your credit, but they may require your social security number at some point, just be assured that your credit will not be checked and if it is it will not be used as a determining factor as to whether you will get the money or not.

They are not a lender, and by law they are required to disclose this information to you. You are not actually be getting our money from them they will send you information to lenders and the rest of the transaction will go through them.

They say they’re a matching service. Here’s what a matching service should do: a matching service should take your information, analyze it, and then pair it up to a lender that makes the most sense based on the information you provide. For example if you don’t make enough money for a certain lender to qualify you, they would match you with the lender that handles borrowers with lower income. That’s a true definition of matching you with the right loan. All too often what we see is sites that call themselves matching services, but they do not actually match you with a lender they just send your information to all the lenders they have on file.

Loans for 1000 Review – What’s In a Name?

Loans for 1000 is not the actual name of the company, they are only using this as a way to attract people from the search engines that are looking for loans that are for $1000. These type of people will be looking for loans that are higher than a normal payday loan, so they are a specific type of borrower.

Cash Till Payday is the real name of the site, and the point of their domain name is to get traffic from people looking for a loans that are for $1000. It is a bit odd that they have a website that is not in accordance with the name of the service they are providing. But this is a tactic we’ve seen many many times before with companies that are trying to take advantage of the search terms that people are typing into the search engines.

Guaranteed Money?
They say that you are guaranteed to get approved for a loan, which is a little strange because they really have no idea what type of information you’re going to enter on the application. Not everyone will be able to be approved for this loan, so it is important to understand that even though they say it is guaranteed there is absolutely no way they can guarantee money for everyone.

One Hour Processing
Loans for 1000 says you can get your application processed in just 1 hour. We have seen this claim made a lot, and it seems highly unlikely that every person that applies has the application processed in one hour. The point is you can apply 24 hours a day 7 days a week because of the internet, so there’s no way they can say that you will have your application processed at the same time as someone who applies during business hours. Also they made sure to say that it is only the processing that they can guarantee gets done in 1 hour, because they have no bearing over how long it takes your bank to get the funds available in your account.

Our Recommendation
Loans for 1000 seems to be doing everything they can to convince you to go with them as a matching service, but we are a bit skeptical when it comes to how much matching is actually going on here, how guaranteed you are to get the money, and how fast the application will really get processed. We’ve seen these sort of claims they make over and over again, and only a few different companies are able to actually carry through with these kinds of promises.

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