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Loans of Success ReviewLoans of Success say they are experts at the payday loan process. They say you can take out loans of $100 to $1000 in your time of need, and that they offer no faxing, and loan out to borrowers with bad credit. So what is it actually like to take out a loan from them, and is this a lender that you can get on board with down the road if you need it again?

Having a solid payday loan lender in your corner is important if you find yourself low on funds from time to time. It’s good not to have that stressed out feeling on the inside that comes when money gets tight and everything seems like it’s all coming due at once. Or the panicky feeling you get when there’s a financial emergency, like your car has trouble or you have some big expense you weren’t expecting. You want to get things right as soon as possible, and get them back to the way they were before.

Many Americans are finding it hard to make ends meet, and it seems like the cost of everything is going up while pay rates are staying the same. It’s no wonder there are so many payday lending services popping up, because more and more people are in need of their services.

Loans of Success Review – Over 300 Lenders Claimed to Be In Network

This is a payday loan matching service where they’re going to send your application information to what they say is over 300 lenders. That is a pretty sizable network if it’s true, as we’ve seen other matching services that only claim to have 120 or so. They say this allows them to have a higher acceptance rate and it’s clear to see that this is a numbers game, with the more lenders meaning that there should be more lenders willing to do business with all sorts of borrowers.

Secure Application
It’s good that they have their application page hosted on a secure server, and in fact the entire site is hosted securely, so you can feel free to give them the information they require for the application without worrying that it will get picked up by hackers. So many sites don’t have this feature that it’s mind boggling. It’s always one key thing to look for, and they’ve got it handled.

Pretty Fast
The whole process is pretty fast, and they have the standard claim of being able to get the money into your account as early as the next business day. For many this is going to be quick enough, and the only way to get the money faster than that would be to go in person to a brick and mortar lender. In that scenario they’ll put cash in your hand which is sometimes nice when your bank account is a mess. It’s up to you which way you want to go, and whether you’d rather do a process like this that requires no faxing and can all by done online, or whether you want to do it in person to get the money same day.

Not Pre-Screened Lenders
To get to 300 lenders there’s just no way that these lenders are going through any sort of screening process to make it into the network. This means that you’ll have to do your own due diligence with whatever lender they find for you to make sure that they are worth doing business with. What we are evaluating Loans of Success on is their ability to find you a good lender, and in this regard it may be better to hand-pick a smaller network of reliable lenders rather than having so many lenders to choose from.

Our Recommendation
Loans of Success is a pretty good matching service to go with if you’ve been rejected one too many times. Because they have so many lenders in their network the chance of getting approved is higher than with a lender that has fewer lenders. They’ve done a good job of making a fast application so you can have this taken care of as quickly as possible, but be sure that you look at the loan agreement carefully since these aren’t pre-qualified lenders, they’ve just assembled as many as they can.

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