Local Payday Loans Guide

Local Payday Loans GuideIf you’re in need of a payday loan you have basically two choices, go with an online lender, or get local payday loans from the place down the street. Both have their pluses and minuses, but we tend to recommend going local unless you have a pressing reason not to.

You might have noticed a certain payday lender again and again, but never needed one. Now that you need one you are wondering if they are worth doing business with. The chances are they they will be able to provide you with what you need, since they are required by the state to be licensed and to follow the laws for payday loans in your state. All that you’ll need to determine is if they deserve your business by providing the little things that make the process more efficient.

Many of the local payday loans providers will also be able to help you with other services, like getting money orders, doing your taxes, selling your gold, and some might even provide title loans, allowing you to loan larger amounts and pay them back over time. There are also those that have prepaid debit cards, and others that offer financial advising. They are all trying to do their best to differentiate themselves from one another, and it’s about going with the one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Your Local Payday Loans Guide

One thing that’s nice about state regulations on payday loans is that it doesn’t really matter which payday lender you go to in your local area, they’re all required to offer you the same money at the same rates and fees, and with the same due date. That means you can choose them entirely based on how conveniently located they are, how nice their customer service is, how clean the office is, and how easier they are to work with if you run into trouble with the repayment.

Cash in Hand
When you go with local payday loans you typically walk out of them with your cash in your hand. This serves many useful purposes. Number one it’s instant, you don’t have to wait for a transfer to go through. Number two, it bypasses your bank account, so if that’s a mess you don’t have to clean it up until later. Many people leave their bank account a mess until their next payday and let their direct deposit clean that up, and then use the payday loan cash to attend to other bills or to get them out of the financial jam they found themselves in.

Putting a Face on a Faceless Industry
Most of the time the people behind payday lending remain hidden in their corporate offices and fancy cars. But when you deal with the local business you get to see their representatives face to face, and realize that there are people involved in this transaction. It’s just a way to humanize the process and can make you feel better knowing that the lender is supporting the local community by providing jobs and paying the lease on a local establishment. You don’t get that feeling when you do business online, and it’s a cold, faceless website with no overhead and doing nothing for your local area.

Paying Your Loan Back
If you run into trouble paying your loan back, it’s generally easier to work out a solution if you can do so in person. The lender really does want your business, and although they would prefer it if you did it on their terms, they are happy to have you pay them back and take the money out again, even if you do pay it off over time. You just have to keep them informed of your plan and bring in what you can when you have it. That’s something you can’t do with an online lender, whose only recourse will be to keep trying to transfer the money from your bank account.

We definitely recommend local payday loans over online payday loans for the reasons listed above. You can’t really put a finger on what makes them better, but you’ll realize that you made the right choice when you stop in and go through the process. Online loans might win if you’re snowed in, but on value for the dollar going local wins every time.

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