Mandello Review

Mandello ReviewMandello is a pretty impressive lender seeing how they have multiple loans for you to choose from. Many lenders out there just have one loan you can do, a payday loan, and if the shoe doesn’t fit oh well, they’ll make it fit. It’s nice to see a few different choices, but what we uncovered by further investigation left us thinking that this isn’t the best company to trust with your information.

There is actually nothing behind this website, and we advise you not to call their toll free number and not to fill out their application as it is not hosted on a secure server. This site is pretty much a joke and you should not give them any of your information, especially at a time when identity theft is on the rise. They actually expect you to submit your application, full of plenty of personal information, banking information, and employment information.

The thing is you have no idea what it is you’re applying for, other than it’s a payday loan. We don’t see any fees listed, or any idea of a time frame like how long they’ll give you to pay it off. They don’t state whether they’re a direct lender or just a matching service, but nothing that we found suggests that this is a direct lender. They are most likely just trying to generate leads for one or more lenders out there, but who’s to tell. All of the information they provide is vague and totally unhelpful.

Mandello Review

Mandello is an example of the kind of payday loan site that you want to avoid. Nothing good can come from filling out their application, which they haven’t even bothered to host securely using an encrypted server like many other payday lenders do. And the toll free number they provide just forwards you to a rather impersonal Loan Application Center number, probably some boiler room type setup somewhere that is just trying to get your information to pass it on to lenders. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just try to do it with a little class.

Phony Phone Number
The phone number they send you is not to Mandello, and is just to a generic loan application that has no interest in helping you determine whether you want to take a loan out or not. It asks for lot of personal information like your zip code and the last four of your social security number, as well as the year you were born before you can even talk to a live agent. Once you do get an agent on the phone they start rattling off the information you just provided using the automated service, and ask you for more information. Why would you want to provide all of that information just to become a lead to a company that you don’t know anything about.

The reason this is phony is because they try to pass the number off like it’s they’re number, but it’s the same number that is used by lousy sites like this all over the Internet. There’s nothing personal about it, and you’re basically ringing in to a call center where they don’t know anything other than how to collect your information. Your information has value, don’t just give it away to rude and pushy reps.

The Full Story
Mandello is at least somewhat affiliated with Check N Go because their name shows up in the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. It’s unclear what sort of relationship they have with each other, and whether Mandello is just a recruiting website to try to find leads for Check N Go to use. It would be good to know the full story on this, but surely they wouldn’t tell you on their website and there’s no good contact info for them.

Our Recommendation
Mandello is a site that you’ll want to stay far away from, and we’ve tried to make it clear that they provide no value at all to the potential borrower. With so many high quality lenders out there ready to do business the right way, there’s no reason why you should spend an extra second on a site like theirs, or site through the horrible experience that is their toll free number.

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