Maroon Loans Review

Maroon Loans ReviewMaroon Loans says that they can get you your money the next business day, and that they have a fast approval process so you don’t have to wait around very long before you know whether or not you are approved. They do offer a secure website, and their application page is hosted on an encrypted server. They ask for your personal and banking information, so it is essential that they offer an encrypted page if they expect you to enter in accurate information.

This is not a direct lender, but rather a matching service that will help you send your application to several lenders at the same time. This can save you time by allowing you to fill out one application and have multiple lenders looking at whether or not they can loan to you. If you have applied with direct lenders and been rejected, this is one way to make sure that you don’t have to keep filling out application after application.

On the flip side it also means that your information is being sent out all over the place, and that can be a little harrowing to think that dozens or even hundreds of lenders might have access to your contact information, your personal information, your employment information, and your banking information. Who knows who they’ve got working for them, or where this information could end up once it’s submitted.

They have a very poor FAQ page that only offers a few simple answers to basic questions, and doesn’t get to the meat of any real question that a borrower might have, like whether or not they even need a payday loan, or how to avoid getting stuck in the payday loan debt trap.

Maroon Loans Review

Maroon Loans states very clearly that they are not a lender. They are not the ones making the decision of whether or not to extend credit to you. They straight out tell you that they are only in the business of connecting you with third-party lenders. This makes them a middle man when it comes to the payday loan process, but they will not be charging you any fee for these this matching service. They collect a finders fee from the lender, or they sell your information to them, or they may get a commission if you end up taking a loan with the lender.

Small Details
Maybe it doesn’t mean very much, but we find it rather odd that they have the dollar sign after the numbers on there drop down menu for the amount of one that you want to take out. It seems like this would be and easy enough problem to fix, and it makes us wonder if they realize that the dollar sign should be on the left of the number. When you are dealing with an online under, you don’t have much to go on, so their website needs to be tip top in order to trust them with your information. This is such an odd thing to have on your website, $100 listed as 100$, that is just strange to see a financial site have a dollar figure listed like that.

Security Counts
Maroon Loans does offer a secure page for their application, which is the only real thing they’ve done to make you consider doing business with them. This is such a basic requirement that any site that does not have an encrypted application page should immediately be disregarded.

Our Recommendation
Maroon Loans is just one of hundreds of different matching services that you can go with, and they are all generally offering the same service. Whether or not you go with them is up to you, but there are better matching services available that lead us to believe they can provide better service if a problem should arise. For example Maroon offers a toll free number, but that number does not ring through to their customer service, but rather to a generic loan application process that is used by hundreds of different matching services. There are matching service is out there that provide stellar customer service and provide more value to the borrower than just being the middleman.

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