Mississippi Payday Loans

You can get Mississippi payday loans up to $400. You are suggested to be cautious if you are offered more than this by any financial institution or company. This is the maximum amount you will get from a reputable Mississippi payday loans company. In case of checks issued by the state Government or the Federal Government or any agency of the state or agency of the state or federal government, or any county or municipality of this state they have a mandatory finance charge of 3% of the face amount of the check or $5 whichever is greater.

Furthermore, 5% of the face amount of the check or $5, whichever is greater, for all other checks, or for money orders. You have to pay 18 % of the face amount of the Mississippi payday loans amount as fees and the permitted time period for this is a maximum of 30 days. On the 31st day, you may have a fee applied to the total of the loan, but this must be decided through a court ruling.

Mississippi Payday Loans: Laws & Regulations

The Mississippi payday loans laws regulate the location of the service provider. No payday loan store is permitted to operate in a location that is near a pawn shop, title pledge office, or small loans company. Also, every payday loan store that operates in the state of Mississippi is required to have a definitive United States postal address that complies with zoning laws and contains a minimum of 100 square feet of space. Agreement forms for payday loan operators are also under regulation. Mississippi payday loans stores are prohibited from advertising payday loans without requiring identification.

mississippi payday loans

The following reviews are not an endorsement of any payday loans company, and are merely provided to give you a start on your quest of finding a suitable lender. We do not guarantee your experience at any of these establishments.

Sonic Payday Loans

This Mississippi payday loans provider offers cash advances done completely online without any hassles to you. Their cash advances are also no fax. They allow for paperless cheap loans and a bad credit score to them is no hassle for the granting of a payday loan. They ask you to have an Internet connection and email access. The process of confirmation takes up to 24 Hours. Visit their website at www.sonic-payday.com.

Ace Cash Express

This Mississippi payday loans company offers a wide arrangement of loans and financial products and services, from payday loans, to online cash advances, to title loans and auto insurance. They even buy gold. They offer twice as much time as the state requires for you to think it over with their 48 hour guarantee. If you change your mind about your loan within two days time you can return it without paying the fee. You can either visit their local branches in Mississippi, or you can apply for a loan online. Give them a call at 601-354-2274 or visit their website at www.acecashexpress.com.

A 1 Check Cashing

This Mississippi payday loans lender offers fast check cashing, payday loans, tax preparing and electronic filling and many other services of the same sort. They claim to have helped around 30,000 people in the Jackson Metro Area. They claim to be most confidential and very easy and fast in their services. Give them a call at 601-853-8266 or visit www.a1checkcashing.com.

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