Money Mart Payday Loan Review

Money Mart Payday Loan ReviewMoney Mart operates locations throughout the country, and can perform online transactions if you live in California or Florida. They have a range of services that you can take advantage of, in addition to offering payday loans. You can also get your checks cashed there, even if you own a business and want to cash checks made out to your business. They’ll also buy your gold and silver.

Why is it so important that a payday lender be involved in offering other services, like prepaid Visa debit cards? Because they should be in the business of being a one-stop provider of all of your financial needs, and they should offer you other solutions than just a payday loan. Perhaps you have some gold or silver items lying around that you don’t even want any more. These might be just what you need in order to get out of your financial jam. Or they could lessen the amount you need to borrow, thus saving you plenty of money by lowering the costs of the loans.

When you’re choosing which lender to go with we always recommend a company that can perform both online and off. This way you can go into the office if you prefer, or if there’s every a problem, or you can choose to do your transactions online for the convenience factor.

Our Money Mart Payday Loan Review

Money Mart has a lot going for it. First, it operates actual physical locations, which is always a good sign. Next, their website is easy to navigate, has a secure application, and lets you find out if there’s a store near you quickly and easily. We were unable to find any reason not to do business with them.

Momentum Visa
Money Mart offers a prepaid debit card called the Momentum Visa and this is provided as a way to rely less on your bank account. You’ll still need a bank account to get a payday loan, but by putting the cash on to a prepaid card like this you’ll be able to pay bills and make purchases online without having to use your debit card linked to your checking account. This is a great way to cut the cord from your bank and go with a prepaid card instead, since you’re able to put direct deposits onto it and see an online statement of your transactions.

All the Bells and Whistles
This is the kind of lender we’d go with, because they’ve got all of their ducks in a row. Real people that can answer your questions if you call customer service, the ability to do more than just a payday loan, like prepare your taxes, issue other loans that are different than payday loans, buy your gold and silver, and put money onto a prepaid card. There are so many one-trick ponies out there that only offer payday loans as the end all be all to fix the financial problems you’re having. It’s nice to see a company step it up and offer more services, as well as real customer service.

Local Locales
The nice thing about doing business with a payday lender in your local area is that they’re also employing people in your community, which is a form of giving back. Online lenders and other loan companies that offer their services online don’t put anything back into the local economies and are simply a drain. It’s not really enough to sway your decision one way or another about what kind of lender you want to go with, but just something to keep in mind.

Many people look at payday lenders in a negative light, and look at their presence as a blight to the local area. But there’s nothing shameful about the idea of needing money in a pinch, and so it’s not an accurate marker of how well a certain area is doing. Although it is typical to find stores like these in working-class neighborhoods, they’re also popping up in places you wouldn’t expect them to. Most everybody needs cash when they get in trouble with their finances, the difference is how well the plan is thought out to pay them off and be done with them.

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