Money When U Need It Review

Money When U Need It ReviewMoney When U Need It specializes in installment loans. Once you visit their website, you will see how they refuse being called a payday or title loan company. What they offer are loans that are amortized with equal repayment amount of interest and principal. They do not believe in offering interest-only loans to customers for these will just make them stay indebted for long, as well as single repayment that crushes their budget.

Money When U Need It Review: What They Offer

Money When U Need It offers traditional installment loan. Borrowers can pay this for 6 to 20 months. They boast a fully amortized loan, meaning, installments reduce both the principal and interest. Payments are ensured to be affordable and within the borrower’s budget. If payments are made timely, customers can build equity in their account. This is beneficial because in case there will be another immediate bed for money, they can borrow against such equity without the need to change monthly payment.

Application Process
To be eligible to apply for an installment loan from Money When U Need It, you must have the ability and willingness to repay by having a stable source of income. The process is simple. Applicants can get started by simply filling out the online application form and submitting. Online application is allowed, but the company requires a borrower to visit their office nearest them because they have several locations. After filling out the form, a representative from the nearest office will call a loan applicant. The lending company needs to know the monthly income rate and employment status aside from the applicant’s personal information.

Checking account is not necessary to apply for a loan. Since application can be done online, applicants can submit form anytime and expect a call within 24 hours after submitting the form. Borrowers can also call them directly for a faster process. If they have a bad credit, the company will work to find what makes the credit problematic. Money When U Need It may have to pull the credit bureau report as reference to determine their ability to repay a loan.

Code of Ethics
Money When U Need It follows a code of ethics as a loan providing company. They aim to encourage the public to use the borrowed money smartly and promote on-time payments. They also assure a reasonable means to determine if an applicant will be able to repay debts, and provide them with affordable installment loans amortized with reduced interest and principal in equal payments. Only lawful means are employed in collecting delinquent accounts. Money When U Need It also ensures a fair and nondiscriminatory treatment with borrowers and a full cooperation with involved authorities that regulate the industry.

Our Recommendation
Money When U Need It is not a payday loan provider, but still, individuals can avail their installment loan program. Their offer is very simple. They specialize in installment loans to allow customers to repay the loan in a way that will not hurt their budget. People loan money because they are in need, and the company’s installment fees enable borrowers to conveniently afford monthly repayments that will not hurt their budget. If you’ll think about it, if a borrower earns just enough money to meet expenses and there’s a sudden need for money, it would be difficult for him to bounce back and manage his finances again if he avails a payday loan. It is because payday loans are usually offered in full repayment although a customer can choose to repay in installments. Money When U Need It makes things lighter for people with financial needs because of the affordable installment fees they offer.

What’s also good about Money When U Need It is that they have several locations across the country. This makes the transaction faster. If you are in immediate need of cash, you can directly to any of their location nearest you. This is also the best way to ask whatever you need to know and avoid misunderstanding. Problems usually happen when a loan applicant misunderstands some important policies about a loan. However, they need to work on their website and provide more information regarding loan terms and installment rates, because their company mainly offers installment loan. Applicants would have to base on this information before deciding to apply for a loan.

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