Moneytree Payday Loan Review

Moneytree ReviewThey say money doesn’t grow on trees, but with Moneytree you’re supposed to be able to get fast access to cash so you can take care of your immediate financial needs. This is one lender that makes it easy to recommend, because they are going above and beyond the competition, and are showing signs of longevity.

When sizing up your different lender options you are trying to find companies that are legit, and can service all of your financial needs right on the spot. With so many companies not living up to these simple requirements, the good ones really stand out. You’ll find that all of the pages at their site that require you to enter sensitive information are on a secure server.

You’ll also find that they service many different states, and that they adhere to the rules of each state. Many online lenders circumvent state laws by conducting business offshore, or on an Native American reservation. It’s nice to see a company do business the right way, supporting the local communities with actual locations that employ real people, and paying taxes on the money that they make.

Our Moneytree Review

The biggest thing that stands out when looking at what Moneytree has to offer is that they offer much more than just payday loans, they are trying to be your one-stop source for all things financial, and are presenting themselves as an alternative to a bank. You can get your taxes done through them, get your checks cashed, get money put onto prepaid debit card, pay bills, get money orders, and more. It’s really a place where no matter what you need done regarding money, they can help you out.

Most payday lenders are one trick ponies, and simply do the same transaction over and over again, forcing you to go to several places to get all of your financial matters taken care of. But here you can send money to people, pay your bills instantly, and also get money orders. These are all things that come in handy when you’re struggling financially and it seems everyone has their hands out.

Different Payment Options
Depending on the state you live in there are certain options that you have if you find that you can’t repay your loan on the due date. This is important because some online lenders do not have these sort of options, and if you don’t have the money they’ll just keep trying to take it out of your account again and again, racking up NSF fees at your bank and in many instances ruining your checking account. That’s why it’s important to call their customer service line if you have any troubles so that they can walk you through your options and you can choose one that works best for you.

Real World Branches
Anytime a lender operates real world branches it’s a huge plus. Operating an entirely online loan company leaves plenty of room to sidestep local laws and regulations, but when you maintain a physical presence you have to get the proper licenses, and you’re subject to audits and reviews from state officials. This means that there is a higher likelihood that a company is doing business on the up and up, that you’re getting rates that are set according to state laws, and that the business will be subject to the collection practices that are allowed where you live.

Customer Service
They have a toll free customer service line with actual people on the other end, and not just a recording that tries to get you to apply over the phone. If you’d feel more comfortable doing your loan over the phone, they’re also able to walk you through the process if you don’t like entering your information online.

Our Recommendation
Moneytree is a solid choice for your payday needs, and we recommend going with them if they offer loans in the state you live in. They’re doing all of the right things that you’d expect from a company, and it’s a lender that you can trust to give you a fair rate in accordance with state laws. After a full analysis we couldn’t find any reason not to do business with them, and fully expect that you’ll have a good experience with them.

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