Monny Loans Review

Monny Loans ReviewMonny Loans says you can get instant payday loans, which is one reason why we’d suggest looking elsewhere for your payday loan needs.

Instant payday loans online just don’t exist, so why tell people that’s what they’re going to get when in fact it is going to take a minimum of several hours, and in most cases the next business day to get their money. The only way to get anything close to an instant payday loan is to go in person to your local lender and they’ll put cash in your hand before you leave the building. That’s as instant as it gets, and even that can take about 30 minutes.

The reason it can’t be instant is because they have to forward your information to lenders, since they are not a lender. The lender then has to review your application and make a lending decision. Then they have to send your funds to the bank, and the bank has to release your funds in your account. None of this is an instant process. It really makes us wonder why a company would boast false promises on its homepage, unless they flat out didn’t care if anyone ever called them out on it.

Monny Loans Review – What You Should Know

Monny Loans is not a lender, and they state as much in the fine print at the bottom of the page. This is not a reason not to do business with them, as 80% or more of the payday sites you see online are not of the actual lender, but of what is known as “matching services”. This is a bit of a misnomer because usually there isn’t much matching going on, and your application is simply forwarded to lenders that take over the transaction from there. So it’s no surprise that a site like Monny Loans only provides basic information in an attempt to get you to fill out their application.

The best sites out there will provide you with a secure application, as well as customer service phone number or email so that you can get in touch with them. We don’t see either of that happening here, which is why we’re just not impressed with them, and recommend going with a better service than this. It’s your personal data you’re giving away here, so you have to be picky about who you give it to. Your address, work info, and banking info is all someone needs to hack your identity.

No Customer Service
There is no contact information, and if you use the toll free number they give you during the application process you will be taken to a general site that will try to get you to apply for a loan over the phone, but will not answer any general questions, they will just send you to a title loan company. This is an obvious pay-per-call toll free number where they are either collecting a fee for every phone call they send to that number, or a bigger commission from anyone that applies over the phone and is accepted.

Please Secure Your Site!
Dear Monny Loans: Make it obvious to visitors that you have a secure site by hosting your site on a secure server when you are collecting things like their personal data, bank account information, and work information. It’s the least you can do to provide them with the same kind of protection they have when checking their email or going on Facebook. Your competition is giving them a secure server so you need to try to keep up with the best sites in the industry.

Our Recommendation
Monny Loans would likely get our recommendation if they could change a few mistakes they’re making. They have a user friendly site but there isn’t any sign that they offer any customer service at all, so there’s no way to contact anyone with any questions you have before lending. If you try to fill out their app it’s a bit unsettling because the page is not hosted securely with an https in the address window. Overall there are just too many red flags and we can’t in good conscience give them our recommendation.

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