Mr. Lender Payday Loan Review

Mr. Lender ReviewMr. Lender is a fictional character that is the spokesperson for a payday loan company based in the UK that offers loans until your next payday. With so many competitors to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming to try to find the right one. You also want to make sure that you’re getting the best rate.

Since Mr. Lender is so direct with how much your loan will be, it makes the process a lot easier. Right away you’ll know if you should apply, or if you should look elsewhere. There may be lenders out there that have better rates, and there are definitely unscrupulous lenders with worse rates, so you have to weigh all the pros and cons.

There are some complaints that are lodged by borrowers that didn’t pay their loan back in time. These can be discarded, as every lender on the planet is going to try to get their money back, so it doesn’t make sense to fault a lender for calling the numbers you provide in the application, as this is one way they have to figure out when they can expect their money.

It’s often hard to find reliable payday loan reviews, because most of the reviews come from disgruntled people that fell onto harder times and were unable to pay back the loan they took out on the day it was due. If you were a lender and didn’t get your money back from a borrower, you’d surely call them to find out what the story is.

Mr. Lender Payday Loan Review

They are pretty straightforward when it comes to breaking down the costs, and explaining exactly how much the loan will cost you and how long you’ll have the money for. They also help you determine if the money you’re getting is expensive, and if it’s a better option that absorbing overdraft fees from the bank.

It’s also nice that they’ll report your timely payment to the credit agencies, so you could potentially use this as a tool to build your credit. The flip side to that is if you run into trouble repaying the loan you’ll likely be damaging your credit with another blemish.

The use of a cartoon character as the mascot and spokesperson is actually a pretty good idea because it gives a face to the business that you just don’t get elsewhere. It’s a gimmick that works because in times of financial crisis you need to have someone break things down for you, and that’s what he does, and the tone of voice they use for him makes you feel comfortable and informed.

Technologically Advanced
This is one lender that is using some pretty advanced features when it comes to determining both who you are as a person, and whether you’re qualified to take out a loan. The result is a streamlined application process that gets you a real answer faster than most other lenders out there.

Returning Customers
It’s nice that they allow you to set up an account at their site, and log back in if you’re a returning customer. This makes taking out future loans easier, since you don’t have to go through the application process anew, and you can simply verify that your data is still current and go from there. With some lenders you’d have to restart the process from scratch because they don’t have the capability to store your information online, so it’s nice that they have this feature in place.

The chances are that you’ll borrow the money a few times before you finances get back to normal, so it’s definitely a plus to be able to log in right away, make payments online, and avoid having to go in person to a branch.

Our Recommendation
Because of their straight talk approach by having “Mr. Lender” talk to you directly, it’s nice because you’re getting the sort of information that you really need, and not just rehashed information that you get from other lenders. We definitely recommend trying out Mr. Lender for your payday loan needs, at least if you enter in how much you need and when you get paid they’ll display it quite clearly how much your loan is and you can make an educated decision in a matter of seconds.

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