Mr. Payroll Review

Mr. Payroll ReviewIf you need a check cashed Mr. Payroll is trying to make it easy for you so that you don’t have to go through your bank, and you don’t have to pay excessive fees like those at liquor stores. They’re not very big in size, but these little kiosks can be the one-stop check cashing experience you’ve been looking for.

People decide to cash their checks instead of depositing them into their bank account for any number of reasons. Perhaps you don’t want to wait for the bank’s hold on your money to clear, and you just want the cash to take care of immediate financial needs. It could also be that your bank account has seen better days and you need the cash in hand to attend to other matters rather than clearing things up with the bank. Just be sure the bank doesn’t assess a daily fee for an overdrawn account.

Whatever the reason why you want to cash a check instead of depositing it, you don’t want to pay more than you have to for the service. In this case they’re not charging excessively high fees the way some check-cashing locations do.

Our Mr. Payroll Review

Mr. Payroll doesn’t over-complicate the process, and has boiled it down to its simplest steps. They’ve reduced the number of requirements so it’s easy for anyone that’s eligible to get the cash they need from their paycheck. They’ve got it down to about 5 minutes from the time that you walk in with your check to the time that you walk out with the cash. That’s speedy no matter which way you cut it.

Be sure to bring in your government issued photo ID so that they can match up your name and picture with the name on the check and your face.

All Types of Checks
It’s not just payroll checks that they’ll cash, and if you’re wondering what kind of check you can bring to them, here’s what they cover: You can bring in your tax refund check, or any government-issued check. They’ll also cash insurance checks for you, and of course they’ll be able to handle cashiers checks and money orders. They’ll also be able to cash checks you receive from a 401(k), which can be very convenient if you need the money and don’t have the time to wait for it to free up in your checking account.

Added Features and Benefits
In addition to cashing money orders, you can also get a money order from them via Western Union. They are running a promotion that allows you to get a free money order if you meet the right conditions. They also let you transfer money using Western Union, and they also let you pay bills while you’re there. They also offer the NetSpend card, which can help you manage your money without the need of a traditional checking account. These cards let you get direct deposit onto them, and don’t let you spend past what you have available meaning you’ll never get another NSF fee again.

The Fees and Verification
The fees will vary, because these are independently owned operations, but you should be able to be serviced for 1 to 2 percent of the amount of the check. The way they verify your check is proprietary, but it’s quick and easy on your part. It should be noted that they do verify the validity of the check while you wait and in just a few minutes so you don’t have to wait around to see if you’ll get your money, and you won’t run into problems later.

Our Recommendation
There’s no reason not to do business with Mr. Payroll, as they’re offering a valuable service, and not raking you over the coals when it comes to fees and charges. They also offer plenty of other financial services so that you can handle all of your financial matters in one convenient location. The reviews we’ve seen from those that have tried it out have been positive overall, but of course some people will gripe about the fees associated with cashing a check. For some, it will make sense, and for others a bank is the better way to go.

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