Ms. Payday Loan Reviews

Ms. Payday Loan ReviewsMs. Payday Loan is an interesting payday lender and will definitely make you wonder whether or not you should take a payday loan from them.

At first glance the site doesn’t look like much, and is very Mickey Mouse when it comes to the design and features. You’ve probably noticed that it is owned and operated by women, because they broadcast this fact on nearly every page.

They also have some resources for women, including how to be safe and protect yourself in dangerous situations. All of this is fine, but when you’re looking for a payday loan it really only comes down to how much it’s going to cost you, and how much you’re able to get.

Ms. Payday Loan Reviews: Any Takers?

The application process is very confusing, because depending on which page you use to click through to it, you’ll end up at two different application forms. One says they’re the secure processing page for Ms. Payday Loan, and the other seems to be some sort of payday loan broker that will farm your information out to the highest bidders and try to get you a loan.

So perhaps Ms. Payday Loan is a direct lender, or maybe they are a middleman that is simply trying to get you to fill out an application so they can get their commission. It’s unclear. What is clear is that they seem to earnestly want to help women out, and this seems to be a for women by women type of site.

Other Options Exist
But the fact remains that there isn’t a lot of incentive to get a loan through them. The women’s empowerment theme of the site is neither here nor there and doesn’t factor into the loan process at all. There are better options available to you, either going with a direct lender that has a secure site and doesn’t need to outsource the application process to a third party, or finding a payday loan broker that is more transparent about how they do business.

Keep Them Separated
You can get a lot of helpful tips about what to do if you get abducted, which is useful but not when it comes to loaning the money you need. There’s no need to feel obligated to take out a loan with them just because you read some information on their blog that helped you out. Your payday lending experience and your information gathering should be kept separated. Getting educated on women’s rights and safety is great, but there are more streamlined ways to get a payday loan than this.

The site is full of a bunch of non sequiturs that have nothing to do with payday lending. For example their letters from clients page starts off with a letter that has absolutely nothing to do with the payday lending experience, but rather is a random story about barbeque grilling. This is then followed by excerpts of those that have apparently used the service.

But it is just another example that this site is not serious about providing payday loans, they’d rather just provide a lot of information on random topics and also offer payday loans on the side.

Our Recommendation
We would recommend not going with them, because they just don’t seem very serious or committed to providing you with a payday loan. You could spend a good amount of time reading their information, their safety tips, and their story, but at the end of the day it would be better to use a different lender for your cash advance needs.

We’re still trying to figure out why they’re running the site the way they are, especially since they claim they are running it efficiently. The design hasn’t changed in over a year, and there are major mistakes on it that shouldn’t be overlooked if they were wanting to stay in business for another year. It’s a very competitive market and the movers and shakers out there are getting most of the business. Perhaps they’re content to stay small and not grow, but you’d rather do business with a lender that’s on the rise and ready to serve your needs.

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