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My King Cash ReviewsMy King Cash says that you’ll be able to get your money in just three easy steps. They break it down into filling out the application, getting approved, and receiving money. Of course we all know that’s not usually the simple, and this is a claim that is made by most payday lenders out there.

So let’s see if there’s anything that separates them from the other lenders that are available, and if they offer anything that makes them worth going with over the competition. When the first thing you’ll notice is that they say that you don’t have to fax the information to them, making them a faxless lender. They also say that if you have bad credit it will not influence their decision on whether or not to lend you money. However, most online based lenders these days will not require you to fax anything in, and it is a payday loan your credit doesn’t matter.

So far My King Cash is simply offering what most every other online lender will offer, so let’s delve a little further and see if there’s anything more to discover about this company. One thing we notice is that they brag about their form being safe and secure, but it does not have the https, which means the data is not encrypted, even though the widget might be, it still wouldn’t hurt them to put it on a secure page. This is your personal and sensitive information they’re collecting, so they should make it as secure as possible, this is definitely a negative mark on them.

My King Cash Reviews

The next thing that might trip some people up is you have to make $1000 or more per month in order to comply with them. This is a pretty common requirements among payday lenders, as they will want to see that your inability to repay the loan, and they also want to loan larger amounts to you in order to charge a larger fee. If you only work part time or otherwise don’t make very much per hour, you might find it hard to secure an online loan, and even a payday loan.

Not a Direct Lender
It seems that they’re not a direct lender, and are merely collecting your information to forward to other lenders and serving as an intermediary during the transaction. This is why they have have their loan application in a widget and not directly on the page. It’s also why they can service loans in the USA, Canada, as well as the UK. When taking out a payday loan, we usually recommend going directly to the lender, either through their webpage, or in person in the real world.

The problem with going with a lender that is not even a true lender, but more of a middleman is that you don’t know exactly where your information is going, and how many people are seeing it. If you go with one of the larger aggregators of payday loan lenders, you have a better chance at getting mashed up with someone that will lend to you, and you can be more confident that your information is not being misused.

Time Savings
Some people enjoy using these types of services because it means that they just need to fill out one application of a standard higher chance of being approved rather than filling out several applications only to be denied several times. But what really matters is the quality of your transaction, and you want to be able to trust the lender to the funds in your account, keep your information confidential, and not abuse your rights as a consumer.

In the end, there isn’t a lot presented as far as why you should go with My King Cash over another service. They don’t really make the case for themselves, and their website seems more like a blog that is trying to rank in the search engines for certain phrases rather than providing meaningful information to the user. In all likelihood they are probably an affiliate for payday loan companies, and are trying to establish their own brand and, as an actual lender. They also provide a sort of disclaimer or disclosure as to why your information, which is another mark against them.

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