National Cash Lenders Review

National Cash Lenders ReviewNational Cash Lenders says they can give you an approval in minutes, and that they can loan you up to $2,000 all while giving you up to 3 months to pay it back. This is much different than a payday loan, with a higher limit, and more time to pay it back.

This could be a way to avoid taking out a traditional payday loan, that limits you to hundreds of dollars and forces you to pay back the entire loan on your next payday, including the fees, before you’re allowed to borrow the money again.

They do refer to it as a payday loan, but as we’ve seen it has a few features that separate it from a traditional payday loan. It’s changes like these that hopefully will help to reform the way payday loans are conducted, as borrowers have more options than just paying high fees to get quick money.

National Cash Lenders Review – More Differences

National Cash Lenders allows for extensions if you are eligible. This is something that is never seen in the payday loan industry, where things are more black and white. Either you pay your loan on the due date or you are considered late. There are no extensions, and the payday lender will try to get their money any way they can. If you went in person and wrote a check out, they will check to see if you have the funds available and then try to beat you to the bank to get the money out. If you did an online loan they will simply debit you on your due date, regardless if you have the money in your account, at which time you’ll get hit with an NSF fee and they’ll still be able to debit your account.

But with National they are willing to grant you an extension, although you’d have to speak with them to see what the details would be on that extension. An extension would help you get back on your feet, and even if there is a fee involved you’ll still be able to keep the principal balance and not take a big chunk out of your bank account when you’re not ready for it.

They even provide a link to get help with credit counseling, something that we don’t often see from lenders that are just trying to get you to fill out the application and become another customer.

Customer Service Counts
They say that they have operators standing by during regular business hours Monday through Friday, and they provide a toll free phone number to call. They provide a page for the returning customers to log back in and simplify the process when it comes to hang out another loan. It’s nice to see a business keep normal business hours, rather than having a phone number that always goes to voicemail, or worse yet a disconnected number, or the worst, only an email address as their form of contact. It’s amazing what they’ll try to get away with in this industry, and it only takes a handful of good businesses to set the bar where it needs to be set.

Security Matters
National Cash Lenders hosts their application page on a secure server and they keep it very simple to get you started. It’s amazing how many payday and online loan lenders host their application page on an unencrypted page. This is a rudimentary error and is one that you should not overlook when you are going to apply. When you apply with NCL you are sending your information over a secure connection, the same sort of security that banks use to encrypt your online accounts.

Our Recommendation
National Cash Lenders is definitely one lender that is worth considering if you need more money than a local or nationwide payday lender is willing to loan. Sometimes a financial problem occurs that is more than $600 or $700 will fix, and rather than taking out multiple payday loans from multiple payday lenders just to cover one expense, you’ll be able to take out one higher loan and have more time to pay it back. That’s an equation that you just can’t ignore, and is worth talking with their customer service to see how the actual numbers would look for your situation.

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