Need Cash Now Review

Need Cash Now ReviewNeed Cash Now is obviously trying to find borrowers that feel they are in need of cash right this very second. This is the sort of marketing that is done to attract those that are in a financial emergency and probably have been denied a loan from more traditional lenders like banks.

They say that it is a 3 step process when you lend with them, and the first part is filling out the application. After that you just wait to be approved, and then they send you the cash as the third step. What they say is that you can get cash for whatever you need it for within the hour. This is where we know for a fact that they are not being honest. There’s just no way that you’ll get cash inside of an hour over the internet. You may be able to go to your local payday lender and they’ll put cash in your hand, but not online. Online they have to go through banks and each bank has rules in place for how quickly they process transactions.

Maybe if you are applying during regular business hours, and get quickly approved, and they send the money quickly, and your bank processes the transaction quickly and releases the funds right away, you might get your money same day, but most likely not within the hour. That’s under perfect circumstances. If you are applying on the weekend or during a holiday you most definitely won’t get your money in less than an hour.

So why would they say this? It’s just a way for you to want to fill out the application, and that’s all they really care about because they’re not a lender. That’s right, they are not the ones that can even give you the approval or not, they are simply passing your information on to an actual lender that will make the decision.

Need Cash Now Review – What to Expect

Need Cash Now simply wants you to fill out their application so they can get paid. They can tell you anything they want to in order to get you to lend, because after you fill out the loan you won’t be interacting with them anymore. You’ll be doing business with the lender, so Need Cash Now doesn’t really have to worry if you’re going to be upset that you didn’t get your money in under an hour like they said you would.

Secure Application
One thing they do provide is a secure server for you to fill out your application. This means that your data will have the same security used by online banks, Facebook, and all major email clients. It’s imperative to check the application page for https in the URL window and not http. This means your info will be encrypted and will be unavailable to third party scammers.

Point of Clarification
Need Cash Now says “We accept all ratings.” when it comes to your credit rating. But by saying “we” they are making it seem like they have anything to do with the decision process. They are not a lender so they are not involved in making a loan determination. They also say you can get a decision on a loan fast, but they are not he ones making the decision, so they really can’t speak on how long it will take to get that decision, as it is out of their control. Just remember that pretty much everything they’re saying is in an attempt to get you to apply, and nothing else.

Our Recommendation
Need Cash Now doesn’t really give us a lot of reasons why anyone would use their service over the countless other matching services you could go with. They don’t have customer service, and they simply want you to fill out the application. They make many statements on their site that are either flat out wrong, like the cash in under an hour statement, or misleading, like making it seem that they have a part in the decision making process. In fact, they do not know how long it will take you to get your money or to get an approval, they are no the lender.

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