Need Help Paying Bills Review

Need Help Paying Bills ReviewNeed Help Paying Bills is a resource you can use to explore all of the different ways to make some extra money and help pay your bills each month. It could be looked at as an alternative to taking out payday loans and could be very helpful to someone looking to avoid falling into the payday loan trap.

This post serves as a public service announcement to those looking to take out payday loans. We are going to do our best to provide you with different resources that will show you that payday loans are not usually the best option, and often will get you into worse financial shape than before.

We’re proud to review a site like this because there aren’t too many of them out there that are really trying to help out borrowers and show them different ways to eitehr increase their income or reduce the amount of interest they’re paying on loans, or lower their monthly expenses.

Need Help Paying Bills Review – What They Offer

Need Help Paying Bills has all sorts of different links you can follow that will get your mind thinking of all the things you can do to pay your bills more easily each month. They have sections on working from home, getting assistance from charities, getting counseling on how to get out of debt, how to research local and state run programs if you’ve hit rock bottom, and plenty more. They do it in a very non judgemental voice, so you don’t have to feel like you are a charity recipient just because it’s becoming harder and harder to pay your bills. It’s happening to more people all of the time.

Payday Loans Become Bills
If you can’t pay your bills the last thing you want to do is take out a payday loan to pay your bills. Payday loans become just another bill after the short term fix they provide. Let’s say you are running $100 short each month so you think you’ll take out a $100 payday loan to make up the difference. That loan will come with at least a $15 fee, so when you pay it back on your next payday you will have to pay $15. So you take out the $100 again and then bring it back two weeks later and pay $15 again. Now you’ve paid $30 to borrow that same $100 and you’ll pay $30 every month if you get paid every two weeks. Before long you’ve spent well over $100 to borrow that $100 and your same bills will still be due and you’ll still be short the $100 only now you’ll be short $130 because you have to pay $30 more each month to the payday lender.

And that’s just a $100 example. Most people go far deeper into debt with a payday loan, taking out $600 or more and racking up fees that total over $100 each month. This is money that just goes up in smoke, and doesn’t provide you with anything tangible that you’ve purchased.

Payday Loans Are Not for Bills
Payday loans should never be used to pay bills. If you cannot pay your bills you need to cut expenses to live within your means. Bills happen every month, so a short term loan is not going to help you pay for things that happen repeatedly. Under perfect circumstances a payday loan may be able to help in a financial emergency, such as to weather car repairs, or to pay for some one-time unexpected expense. If you need to take out a payday loan to pay for the cable, or the electricity, or the mortgage, or for groceries, you have a deeper problem, one that needs to be remedied and debt is not the answer.

Our Recommendation
Need Help Paying Bills is a very good page filled with lots of helpful information for anyone that wants some new creative ideas for how to turn their ship around and get back on their feet financially. If you spend enough time on this site surely you’ll come up with some new possibilities for how to get out of the pickle you’re in and make it so you can pay your bills easily every month and still have a little left over for a savings account.

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