Negotiation Credit Services Review

Negotiation Credit Services ReviewNegotiation Credit Services is a company that will work with your current payday lenders to help you get out of your loans so you can start making payments to them instead. It’s simply a way of paying off your old debt, acquiring a bit of new debt, but at a better rate and being able to pay it off over time.

Loan consolidation is nothing new, and the practice has been around probably as long as it’s been possible to take out more than one loan. It’s a way of getting one big umbrella loan that takes care of all the lesser loans you have. It immediately organizes your financial situation, and in many instances it saves you money.

Negotiation Credit Services Review – What They Can Do

Negotiation Credit Services is kind enough to explain what it is their service can do for you. You’ll be able to have more of your paycheck left when it comes time for payday. Won’t that be nice to not have to give you paycheck away each payday, just to reborrow it again. They also say that you’ll see a net reduction in the amount of money you’ll be paying towards your loans each month. They also point out that you’ll be able to take back control of your own checking account and not have a bunch of lenders trying to take payments out when the money’s not there, and overdrawing your account.

They also say that you’ll be able to put a stop to any predatory lending that’s going on, and stop the collection practices of the payday lenders, which can get pretty out of hand when they start showing up to your workplace or you home. They also say that your interest rate will be better when you go with their service, which is not too hard to do seeing how so many lenders out there charge super high interest rates.

Immediate Relief
Negotiation Credit Services and other consolidation companies provide immediate relief from having to worry about how much you owe, who you owe it to, and when your next due date is. They restore the good feelings of getting a paycheck instead of having negative feelings that come with having to pay so many payday lenders.

How the Process Works
Payday lenders aren’t likely to negotiate with individual borrowers, but they are willing to negotiate with other businesses because businesses understand business and can make it a win win situation. A payday lender wants their money, and they are pretty sure you don’t have it if you aren’t making your payments, so they aren’t willing to listen. But when another financial company negotiates with them they know they are going to get paid. They may even be willing to lower the amount due if they know that you are not going to pay the loan off directly.

What then happens is you start making payments to NCS instead of to your lenders. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of, and you’ll have the instant relief of not having to run around town and making payments to different lenders, or watch your checking account balance go up and then down when your paycheck clears and is taken away due to so many EFT transactions.

Our Recommendation
It’s unfortunate that Negotiation Credit Services has failed to provide a secure application form, as this is the only reason we can point out for not recommending their service. But this is some pretty personal information, and in today’s world of identity theft you want to be extra careful that you don’t provide someone with you name, address, and contact information unless it’s over a secure server. Any legit company would have a secure server, as it doesn’t take very much as a website owner to have that put onto your site, making it secure for your users.

It would be better to call their toll free number and have someone help you over the phone, as that way you know that you’re doing business with the right company, since you’re calling them. It would also be more secure than giving them all of your information over an unencrypted web page.

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