Neo Loans Review

Neo Loans ReviewNeo Loans says they won’t judge you based on your credit score and that they’re able to help you rebuild your credit based on their unique approach. This of course depends on you paying your payments on time and over time you will be able to see your credit improve.

They say that they specialize in technology based solutions in the financial industry and that they are backed by partners. So funding loans is not an issue.

It’s about time that Silicon Valley took a stab at fixing what’s wrong in the payday loan industry. They seem to be taking this very seriously and making sure that it’s a service that just about anyone can use, and one that will be very profitable for them. Most payday lenders keep things pretty old school, and some of the biggest nationwide chains still make you bring in a check so that you can fill it out for the total amount of the loan, and then you have to come back and pay off the entire loan in order to get your cancelled check back.

That’s just a real backwards way of doing things, and it’s about time that a new way of doing business came about and this could be just a service to do it.

Neo Loans Review

Neo Loans does not use you are mainstream credit score or credit report as a basis for their decision. They are spearheading a new way of coming up with a credit score that takes in to consideration all of the factors involved in your ability to repay.

They say that they approve loans based on your income, not on your credit score, and also they allow you to put a more human face to your application rather than just looking at the data. For many of us this is exactly what is needed because often your credit score does not tell the whole story. Maybe you got into some trouble a long time ago but now you have things under control. Your credit score may be lagging behind your current situation, and a service like Neo will be able to determine this better than other lenders.

Keep in mind that they are still in the business of making a profit, so their loans are going to have interesting fees to them so that they can make a profit, so it’s best not to view them as some sort of Savior or angel investor. They may be able to give you alone where other lenders have said no, but be sure to check what sort of fees and repayment terms you are agreeing to.

When you are looking for a personal loan you have a few options if you have bad credit. Most payday lenders will not take into consideration your credit score because they are using your job as collateral. They just wanted to know if you are employed or not, and how much you have coming in and on which days. However, there is a stigma attached to taking out a payday loan, and their high interest rates and fees off and make it a bad idea.

But what if there was a new lender that will lend to you even with a poor credit score, and not charge such outrageous interest rates? don’t seems to be what they are trying to do at Neo, but you will definitely want to check out their service in more detail before you agree to anything.

Neo Loans Is a technology-based firm, so you don’t have to wonder if your information is secure when you fill out an application. They are based in Silicon Valley so they are no strangers when it comes to putting up a secure website and making sure all of your information stays safe. For this reason alone they are have an advantage over other reminders that don’t seem to know what it means to encrypt your web site and keep your application secure.

Our Recommendation
Neo Loans is definitely a great service to check out if you have a credit score that is inhibiting you from getting loans even though your income is good. This is a sort of service that needs to take place an order for payday loan reform to happen. lenders need to see the real picture, not base their decision entirely off of an antiquated system that does not show the full picture.

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