North Dakota Payday Loans

North Dakota payday loans are legal by state law. The state has a specific legislative arrangement for North Dakota payday loans. You mostly get loans from financial institutions which are generally companies. If you are dealing with a reputable company, it cannot offer you an amount exceeding $500. This $500 is the legally permitted limit. No company can offer you an amount exceeding $500 in abeyance of the law. If any such company offers more than $500 you should be leery of it.

The state requires its North Dakota payday loans lending companies to abide by the regulations that are contained in the state’s Deferred Deposit Loan Act. The rate of interest these companies can charge from you is 20% of the amount borrowed. The maximum term for payday loans is 60 days. If you borrow a loan amount of $100 for 14 days, the finance charge on this will be $20. The APR will be 520%.

North Dakota Payday Loans: Laws & Regulations

The state allows only one rollover. Rolling over would mean paying the fees on the North Dakota payday loans amount again, without paying the principal loan amount. However, the state law does not specify the maximum number of outstanding loans that a North Dakota payday loans borrower can have at a given time. In addition to this, the state requires both the lenders and the borrowers to enter into a contract.

north dakota payday loans

This contract should provide for the borrower’s name, the date of the transaction, the loan amount, the APR that the lender is charging, an itemization of all the fees expressed in APR and a dollar amount. Also, a North Dakota payday loans lender is barred from instituting criminal suit against a borrower who cannot repay his loan due to insufficient funds unless the account was closed. North Dakota payday loans lenders may charge 20% of the face amount towards NSF and 20% of the face amount in the event of renewal.

Direct Check

This North Dakota payday loans provider has a variety of loans such as short term loans, payday loans, title loans and check cashing. They claim to work with their customers in professional and confidential manner. They state that they value their customers. Their application process is simple. They just ask you current bank statement, current payroll check stub and one form of ID and a check to be kept with them for a specific time period. You are required to download a simple application form, fill it out and take that with you to the nearest direct check store. They have been providing financial services since 1994. Give them a call at 701-667-2969 or visit their website at


This North Dakota payday loans company offers a wide arrangement of loans from installment loans, checkbook loans, and payday loans. This lender claims to fill the niche for those turned away by traditional banks and in search of a better alternative to the payday loan. All you have to do is fill out an easy online application form and provide them with some information about yourself. Visit their local branch nearest you. Give them a call at 701-250-8888 or visit their website at


North Dakota payday loans lender provides payday loans in emergency needs. This lender claims that they specialize in providing short term cash advances. They also claim to provide lowest rate in the industry. They claim to provide secure online cash advance. They state that they provide hassle free services and deposit the check directly to your account. All they require of you is, you should be of 18 years old or older and have an active checking account that has been active for not less than 90 days. Give them a call at 800-446-8482 or visit their website at

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