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There are no comprehensive laws relating to Ohio payday loans. Ohio payday loans do not have a legal status. In other states you generally get loans from the financial institutions which are mostly companies. But since payday loans are not legal in Ohio there are not any Ohio payday loans lending companies operating legally in Ohio. Residents of Ohio can still access the payday loans and financial product via the Internet i.e. companies that operate through the Internet and call centers.

The Internet in this way is the best source for Ohio payday loans. It makes the whole process easy. The government of Ohio has eliminated the ability of payday loan stores to maintain physical locations in their state. It has simply forced its residents to secure their small $200 to $1000 emergency needs from call centers or other methods.

Ohio Payday Loans: Laws & Regulations

Customers however have the option of getting quick money through internet companies. Since the law completely discards payday loans. Information that relates to the minimum or maximum amount of loan that can be borrowed as payday loan is not provided anywhere. The state law is silent on the amount of interest that can be charged on the loans. There is no time duration mentioned stating the minimum or maximum time limit for which the loan may be taken.

ohio payday loans

Nothing that relates to rolling over is provided any where in any laws of the state. Rolling over is the Ohio payday loans renewal process whereby you have to pay the fees again without paying the principal amount.

In short, since the payday lending does not have a legal status, anything related to it is not recognized at all in the state of Ohio. The governing Ohio payday loans law will be that of the company whose online payday loan you undertake to choose. However, the state does not prohibit other borrowing and lending activities like credit cards, personal loans, debt consolidation, etc, just no Ohio payday loans.


This Ohio payday loans provider is originally a franchise of Cash America. They deal in wide arrangement of services from payday loans to pawn shops. They initially started as family business providing pawn facilities but soon grew in to a big concern providing money to their customer’s many financial needs. They have been serving since 1984. They even buy gold. They have a big list of subsidiary companies which provide payday loan facilities. The payday loan facilities are limited to online application only. You just have to fill out the application form and get cash deposited to your account. Give them a call at 614-66-6944 or visit their website at www.cashamerica.com.


This Ohio payday loans lender offers a wide variety of services such as small Loans Check Cashing, western union services, money transfers, money orders, bill payment services, prepaid visa etc. They claim to be proud of being fast, friendly and trustworthy. They claim their staff to be friendly and professional. They have been providing services for more than 2 decades. If interested in making use of their services just fill an easy online application or visit their local branch personally at Indianapolis. Provide the lender with basic information about you which they ask for. Give them a call at 614-291-4100 or visit their website at www.checksmart.com.


This Ohio payday loans company offers a wide arrangement of financial services and products from check advances to check cashing, and money orders to money transfer and also tax advice. Besides this maintain big sales store for different items. Their application procedure is simple. You can apply online by providing minimum information about you. Make use of their services. Give them a call at 614-262-1166 or visit their website at www.racfinancialservices.com.

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Rod September 3, 2012 at 1:30 am

We saw the ad on TV with Montel Williams for Money Mutual. We borrowed $850 and told the
payments would 132 dollars a month. Now they tell us their really 216 a month. Also the interest
rate is 25 percent . Is this legal? Aren’t there useary laws in Ohio?


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