One Day Loans Review

One Day Loans ReviewOne Day Loans is based off of a simple promise: that they can get you money in your account the next business day. This is a better promise than lenders that say they can get cash into your account the same day, as most of the time it is actually the next business day once you read the fine print.

But this is about the only thing they have going for them, because not only do they not lend to the borrower directly, they don’t even exist really. You can’t even fill out an application with them because all they want you to do is fill out the application at another website. This is basically just a shill site for MyQuickPay. For whatever reason they’ve set up a simple website like this one and they are just trying to send traffic to their main page, maybe because the main page can longer get ranked in the search engines.

It’s pretty easy to understand that a financial company like these payday sites need a constant flux of new borrowers coming in. They basically will do whatever they can to try to reach the most people possible so they can continue to grow and make more money. One of the ways they do this is to set up dozens, maybe even hundreds of smaller sites like this one, only to send all borrowers to a different page when they click the Apply Now button.

One Day Loans Review – Not an Actual Company

One Day Loans is not a company but simply a website that has two purposes, to show up in the search results after you search for payday loans, and to forward you on to another site in order to fill out the application. It’s not a matching service because you can’t apply at the site, and it’s definitely not a direct lender. It’s the front end of a different site, a matching service, but it’s unknown why they have it set up like this.

Search Engine Optimization
One Day Loans is purely set up to try to rank for various keywords so that when you search for things like “one day loans” they’ll pop up in the search engines. This means that the site is not geared for you the visitor, but rather to be appealing to the search engines. Fortunately the major search engines, ones like Google, are constantly updating their algorithm to weed out sites like these and penalize them heavily. They should have spent more time giving you information that you can actually benefit from, rather than just trying to rank and then send you to another website.

You can see at the top of the homepage they have a lot of links that are phrases that people might type into the search engine. The actual page that you end up at if you click any of these links is very scant, with almost no information at all. This means that they don’t care about you, the borrower, and only want to send you to their application page.

Strange Marketing Tactic
Why bother coming up with a lame site like One Day Loans with the hope of sending people to a completely different site? Any rapport you’ve built with the borrower will be lost when they get sent to the other site, not that the first site actually manages to build any sort of rapport in the first place. It all seems like a big runaround in the eyes of the consumer, and very few people will want to fill out the application after seeing the page totally change to a new site.

Our Recommendation
One Day Loans is basically just a cover page for MyQuickPay, so they are not really an entity themselves, but rather just a site set up to funnel traffic to another website. For this reason we can’t really sign on for going with them, as it’s not a matching service, not a direct lender, and not anything at all really. MyQuickPay is not a direct lender, but rather will simply forward your information on to lenders. At least they provide a secure server, but we’d keep looking before filling an application out with them.

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