OneClickCash Review

OneClickCash ReviewOneClickCash they say that cash is just one click away. Let’s look at what a silly slogan this is, one that is a complete lie and that misleads you into thinking that you’re going to have an easy time getting cash from them.

First, Amazon had to try to patent their One Click ordering process, and they had trouble getting it because they truly needed to make it so that one click is all it took to have the order finalized. In order to do this you have to go in and set it up so that they have your default address and billing information so that when you do click the One Click ordering button, the package is on its way as long as you don’t go in an change everything.

Here what we’re seeing is that you have to click on the Apply Now button, which takes you to an application that is 5 pages long. Each time you complete a page you have to click the Continue button. This means you will have to make at least 5 clicks in order to simply complete the application. If they were serious about making this a one-click process, they would have their application on their homepage, have the entire application all on one page, and make it so all you have to do is click the Apply button at the bottom in order to get your cash.

But even that wouldn’t be a one click process, because you’ll have to move your cursor to each spot that requires information and click onto it so you can enter it in. You could use the Tab button to move through the different areas, but that might cause some problems if you hit it too many times and have to go back a spot. Overall, we’re going to say that this site would require a minimum of 6 clicks in order to apply for a loan. And that’s just the clicks to apply. Who knows how many times you’ll have to click to actually get your money.

OneClickCash Review – What They Offer

Now that we’ve seen how OneClickCash is really a misnomer, let’s look at the loans they’re offering and whether or not it’s a good company to go with. They say you can get your cash as soon as tomorrow, which is pretty standard when it comes to payday loans. You see, all a lender can do is look at your application and decide yes or no on the question of whether or not to lend you the cash you’re asking for. Once they confirm the transaction and send it through ACH to your checking account, it’s now your bank that will control when you get the money. The whole process usually take a business day, and rarely happens the same business day.

Tribal Owned
This is an example of a payday lender that is owned by a Native American tribe. All of them provide this information at the bottom of the website, so perhaps they’re required to. The reason that some might find this important is that the money they make will not be subject to state taxes or federal taxes. Also, they are sovereign, so they don’t need to follow any of the consumer protection acts that are federal law. Because of this status it’s almost like you’re doing business with an offshore company, and some borrowers like to know this before getting into a transaction with them.

Returning Customers
OneClickCash allows you to log in once you’re a customer, so you can make payments and take the loan out again without having to fill out the application. This is a nice touch, and something you don’t usually see with most matching services. That’s why it’s nice to go with a direct lender so that you can establish a history with them and make it easier to get a loan in the future if you need one.

Our Recommendation
Despite the name OneClickCash will take more than one click to get you your money. Always make sure you know the rates you’ll be paying and run the numbers to see how this stacks up against the loans you’re able to get at your local payday lender.

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